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Ikea Showrooms :)

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Sometime ago, I told you guys that my mom and I went down to Ikea to get ourselves new pillows and blanket, and I managed to snap some pretty pictures there to inspire myself on how to decorate my room (should I get my room one day).

Pretty and Simple Bedroom

Blue-white stripped bedroom! So pretty!

Baby's cot at one end...
soft and warm bed.
classy and elegant red-black bedroom

A bit blurred.
Love this simple and elegant mantlepiece!
My mom said this would look nice on our wall, but I pointed out there was no place for it.

Dream Kitchen.
So nice!

I like these straws!
Bright and cheerful kitchen!
The otherside of the yellow kitchen!

Classy! I like it!

Glass tables, not my favorite.

More sofas!
Living room

Living room! So pretty!

Highlights of the day! The super cute carrots in pajamas! :D


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