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Christmas Eve~~!

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A few days ago my mom and I popped down to Orchard Road to have some fun!
We visited Chocspot at Lucky Plaza and bought 2 packets of Truffles for $12 dollars, but we didn't put them into the fridge in time and when I opened them, they were just 2 packets of muddy molten chocolate. T.T

Chocspot having Christmas Sale!
Yum Yum!

At the counter! Sneakshot attack! :)

5 Toblerones for $10!
More Toblerones!
Orchard's Christmas decoration was beautiful! Love this Christmas tree! It has been my wish to have a Christmas tree at home since I was a kid, but my mom didn't want to because she doesn't like to do extra work to decorate. However, when I become a adult, the first I shall do is to buy myself a Christmas tree! :D

Giorgio Armani! <3
I thought it looked like a giant puffskein.
Dior and Louise Vuitton~~! 
Christmas Tree at West Mall Shopping Centre! <3

Santa wants a hug~~ aww...
I love Christmas~~! Today me and mom went to Jurong Point for lunch at Lai Lai Beef and then we went shopping after that which was quite fun.

I managed to get mom to buy me Jelly Beans from The Cocoa Trees. I chose 4 flavours which were Vanilla, Apple & Lime, Cappuccino and Strawberry Cheesecake.

The white one is Vanilla, brown Cappuccino, Green is Lime and Apple, Pink Strawberry Cheesecake!
Tried to squeeze as many of them into a small jar as I can! Can't fit many though :/
 My second Christmas Present, shared with mommy! She bought us both a little treat for our skin! My Beauty Diary facial Masks! Initially I really wanted to buy My Scheming Facial Masks because I heard that My Scheming is a very very good brand and their masks are fantastic, but then My Beauty Diary was having a special package where one can buy 12 DIFFERENT masks + 1 EYE MASK for just $14.90! So cool right? My mom and I were sorely tempted and eventually gave in to temptation!

My Beauty Diary 12+1 assortment of Facial Masks! (from Guardian, Watsons sells at $16.90 for some weird reason)

WHEEE! Love the packaging don't you?
For my panda eyes. O_O
Um a very unique shape! :D
Ending off with a picture of my cousin and me! :)


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