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FANCL Pop A Surprise Gift Redemption

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Some time ago I went down to Ion Orchard and collected my gift from FANCL from their Pop a surprise game on Facebook held some time ago. Like always, I was super reluctant to enter their snow-white and gleaming store and shuffled in after lingering outside for a long time.
Pretty Fancl bag!
With a sticker even.
To my surprise the FANCL attendants were really really pleasant and one of them attended to me immediately and went off to get my stuff after verifying my NRIC on her iPad. She even went through with me briefly on how to use their Mild Cleansing Oil: pump 2 pumps onto your hand, wipe it on your face without using water or cotton pad, then rinse off everything when you are done. I was surprised to hear that you can't use cotton pad, like won't it make your hands like super oily?

FANCL Limited Edition Heart design Mild Cleansing Oil 120ml.
The design is so pretty and I am really thankful to the nice attendants for their service. They made gift redemption so much less awkward with their smiles and services.

Check out FANCL Facebook Page here and become a fan to know what promotions and giveaways there are!

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