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Sulwhasoo Trial Kits

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Guess which of my prizes I have collected?
That's right~! I have collected the 3 prizes which I have won from the Sulwhasoo Catch a Sulwha Bloom game! :D
Initially, after I saw Puniao's message on Facebook saying that the Sulwhasoo attendants weren't very friendly, I was quite reluctant to go all the way to Tangs Orchard to redeem my prizes because I was afraid that it might turn out to be like the Chasing Mavericks Give Hamper Collection all over again. Oh yeah, oh dear I realized I didn't tell you guys that I had previously won the Chasing Mavericks gift hamper along with Premiere Movie Tickets, but as I was going overseas the very next day (then), I contacted the staff and they suggested that I go down that day to collect the items. However, when I arrived, they told me that the hamper was not there and told me to ask someone to go in my place. Hence I asked Dad and he went down on the appointed day and they told him that he was too early.

Like, can you believe it? I sort of cannot believe that both collections failed and that in the end I didn't even get my hamper. :'(

Anyways, back to the point about Sulwhasoo, I was already inside Tangs Orchard and I was like lingering near the Sulwhasoo counter feeling immense trepidation about approaching the counter staff and my mom got really annoyed. She was like, "Don't be a coward, just go and ask them nicely!" There was fortunately only one staff, so it made things less awkward than if there were a few of them and all of them were to ignore you.

To my surprise, she was really quite nice and she smiled at me rather gently when I mentioned the "Facebook Thingy" as I put it. She checked the papers I printed out for her and went to get the stuff for me, and even going over in details how to use each and every one of the products that I redeemed.

Sulwhasoo Catch a Bloom Prizes
Altogether I redeemed these 3 products:
  1. Sulwhasoo 4 piece trial kit
  2. Sulwhasoo 2 piece trial kit
  3. Sulwhasoo Herbal (Ginseng) Soap
Sulwhaoo 4 piece Trial Kit
And this is what is contains inside...

Aren't the items so adorable?

The lady was really nice and she even helped me label numbers above the bottles to tell me which one to use first and which one next, and she even gave me some professional suggestions like since i have some acne breakouts (that happened on that very day, sighs), perhaps my mom could use it instead? And she reminded me that one has to wash their face first and exfoliate too for better effects! So nice right! ~~^^

Sulwhasoo Two Piece Trial Kit
The Sulwhasoo 2-piece trial kit was supposed to help one to firm their skin (the small tub on the right) after activating the skin with the serum on the left. Similarly, she suggested that I used less each time because the products are a little oil-based (I can't remember her exact words, ack! >.<).

Sulwhasoo Herbal (Ginseng) Soap
The last one is like my mom's favorite, it is the Ginseng soap. It smells really quite fantastic (a bit like Bawang Shampoo because of the essence of Ginseng) and she used it once she got home. She says that it feels really nice and awesome and was really pleased with all the items.

I gave all the above three sets to my mom because I actually can't be bothered to apply FOUR lotions on my face at a go, and not to mention that my face will turn into an oil spill...

My mom was so happy with the three gifts that she lathered them onto her face immediately and she thinks they work brilliantly. She says she could feel her skin being "moisturized instantly" and that she thinks that her skin felt better and more moisturized after the whole routine. She kept trying to get me to see if her skin improved and I was like "poke" her face and announced that her skin felt a bit like the dough batter for roti prata. That got my mom so amused that she kept peering into the mirror to see if I was telling the truth. Oh yes, and she claims that she is going to ditch SKII for this because she thinks this is so much better. So, well done Sulwhasoo, you have gotten a new fan and a loyal user who is my mom, hehes~~! :D

Yup that's all for now, and have a very "HARRY CHRISTMAS!"~~:)


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