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I refuse to jump on the bandwagon

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I. Will. Not. Take. Economics. In. JC.
I. Will. Not. Take. Economics. In. JC.
I. Will. Not. Take. Economics. In. JC.
I. Will. Not. Take. Economics. In. JC.
I. Will. Not. Take. Economics. In. JC.
I. Will. Not. Take. Economics. In. JC.
I. Will. Not. Take. Economics. In. JC.
I. Will. Not. Take. Economics. In. JC.
I. Will. Not. Take. Economics. In. JC.
I. Will. Not. Take. Economics. In. JC.

There you go, it is all engraved into the snazzy brain cells of mine. I refuse to jump on the bandwagon and take that silly economics just because majority of the JC population is taking it. Stop trying to persuade me and tell me that it is "useful" or "you will learn a lot".


Everything allows a person to learn a lot. So does Chemistry, so does biology, so does physics. This argument is so broad and non-targeted that I can't even come up with an argument of equal irrelevance and non-specific to refute it. Tell me something you learn in school that does not allow you to learn a lot. Whether it is useful or useless, you are still learning, and that is a lot.

And "Economics is very useful". Another "you-don't-say" statement.

Tell me something that you have learned in your subject that is useless. Biology is very useful too, so is Chemistry, so is Physics. And Maths is useful too if you are planning to be a Maths teacher. Hell, even Humanities subjects like geography is useful too if you plan to tread the globe or become a geography teacher. The argument of usefulness has a strong correlation with your future job. I don't see how economics is going to help me as of now anyway. I don't plan to recite economics to a dying person gasping for air, so perhaps I should take first aid instead.

=slaps myself for irrelevance=

Back to the point about usefulness, I think it is not a very sound or strong argument for me to take a subject that make potentially cause high blood pressure in me due to the constant secretion of adrenaline. =smacks myself for going all bio=

Ha~ Many pointed out that Economics is going to be helpful when you grow up and let's say, you want to go into business. Okay. If that is the case, we are going to see a eutrophication of businesses and multimillionaires in the coming decades. Oh gosh, to the people who are arguing so strongly for Economics, let me share something with you: taking econs =/= being rich

I am trying not to sound offensive, but recently, people are always asking, "What subject combi are you taking in JC?" and I am like "I have no idea" and they are like "But you are taking econs right" like that is a given.

No thank you.

I am tempted to liken Economics to SNSD, simply popular because everyone takes it because it is so snazzy and fanciful and thus the big huha. Sorry Sones, SNSD is like the pinnacle of overrated-ness. Newspapers, magazines....everything that talks about K-pop seems to have a picture of SNSD as the symbol of Kpop, like it is the only group that exists in the k-music industry. Gah, digressions, you are killing me.

What is the result of taking econs? I see so many complaints of econs on Facebook about the amount to memorize, how econs is killing him/her, "OH HAIL ECONS, SPARE ME!"

So I am not going to take it because everyone else is taking it. I know I may get shaken at some point of time when yet another being tries to point out the multiple merits of studying the much-loathed economics can have, but I shall come back to this post, read it, and tell myself, economics is like IH, economics is like IH! I shall not put myself through the pain of studying something like IH again!

Another digression:
Sometimes when we are studying all the causes of the poverty in China and poverty in Africa, I am thinking, "Does China and Africa actually know that they have these problems and these are the possible solutions?" I mean doesn't it seem backward if we as a bystander know of the problems but the country itself is still unaware? It eventually defeats the purpose, aye? Since "Poor governance is the root cause of poverty in Northwest China"? Someone kindly email their government their completed essay.

Economics is going to cause me pain.
I will NOT take it.
I am clear-headed (as of now).
Kira, please remember the ordeal IH has put you through. Please remember the confusion of the situation of poverty in China has given you, so much so that you can't tell the difference between your fingers and toes and tried to type with your toes instead of fingers.

=bangs IH on the head=

I am sacrificing my triple science for you, dangsineul babo yah.

Please be easy during EOYS.

好去好散, 我的同志。

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