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Fashion Sketches

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I have been wanting to upload these since I opened my blog, but I was too lazy.

The original. Source: JobandShop
The one I drew...

Original, also from JobandShop


This one is self-desgined! I really like my own dress design haha, and I wish that someone would actually adopt (not steal) or tell me that they would really make a dress like this, because man, I would definitely buy this dress! Maybe after EOYS I will buy some fabric to mess around and waste...okay never mind I won't. I will not waste resources.

These two dresses are not designed by me, I found the designs on the web and tried to draw it to improve my sketching and colouring skills. The original picture is below. If you own the picture, do comment and let me know so that I can credit you! :)

These two are designed by me, but it is not really even like designing I guess. They are way too simple and amateur but then again, if you are going to make these dresses, email me and I will definitely give you permission to so long as you credit me some how yeah? Actually they are not that bad right? =scratches head=

I guess that's that for blogging. I hope not to blog anymore in the coming 2 weeks and I really have to study for my exams. Wish me the best of luck for exams okay? Thanks! :D

If I do well for my exams, meaning that I attain my goal (which I won't reveal as of now), I will carry out a large giveaway! And do comment and wish me well (even if you don't really mean it hehe), because IF you wish me good luck and I happen to attain my goal and do the giveaway, I will pick you first! :D

So best wishes for myself whahahahaha! :D
And I am picked for the giveaway! :x


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