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How to do your laundry :D

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Okay everyone, clap for me because I finally did my pile of laundry today! =cheers!!!!=

Now you may be thinking that doing laundry is no big deal, and that is when you are wrong. Hundred percent wrong. The laundry that I did is not your salted-vegetable of a clothing which you just chuck into the washing machine and let it roll half a zillion times inside, take out then dry. The clothes I just washed are FRAGILE clothing, not to mention my favourite apparels. 

I hand washed every single piece there is.

Didn't hear properly?

I hand washed them! I really did! Now my hand look like wrinkled prunes!
=beams at everyone=

I have to add in at this point that this post didn't come until I was almost done with all the washing, so I only have that many picture. On the other hand, you have to pause and think for a moment how weird it is when I am scrubbing the clothes with one hand and taking pictures with my phone with the other, and trying my very best not to drop my phone into the bucket of water.

I shall now begin. Cough cough cough.

1. What kind of clothes should be hand-washed?

Personally, I think sheer clothing, meaning those that are net-like and what not should be hand-washed yeah? For example you know crop tops? Some of the outer-layer would be those semi transparent net like kind of things that look like it is going to tear just after one of two spins in the washing machine. So those should definitely be hand washed.

Here is  an example of my crop top outside which I have to hand wash because it is made of really really frail material which tears very easily (from my point of view).

[On a totally unrelated sidenote, there is this stupid spider outside my window despite me living so high up, and I feel very very very paranoid about it despite the fact that my windows are shut tightly and I have checked around 25 times for any potential cracks for the spider to squeeze its unpalatable body into my room. And god, on the sidenote's sidenote, the previous sentence is amazingly long.]

Another material you HAVE to wash by hand, no arguments, is.......

Anything covered with blings.

Especially those where the blings are not sewed on but either ironed on or stuck on with fabric glue. If you don't hand wash these, all your blings are gonna fall off and by the end of spinning the clothes 1000000000000000000 times in the washing machine, not only will your clothes become bare, your washing machine will die from the amount of blings it has ingested. So be considerate to both your clothes and your washing machine, no? 

If your clothes is....

Both sheer and blingy.

Then you die die also must hand wash lar! Or what? By the end of spinning them in washing maching, all the blings will fall off and you will have this loose scrap of cloth with threads sticking out everywhere that loosely resembles what you have put into the washing machine.

So don't be lazy and hand wash them.

What? All your clothes are like that? I pity you man. Hire a octopus to wash them for ya!

2. For Bling clothes....

Do not EVER EVER pour away the water once you finish washing! Instead, look through the water to see if any of your blings have fallen off while you are washing and pick all of them up. Some of my blings got lost today when I dumped my water down the drain. Hiyaaahs. :(

If you are using soapy water and you can't see clearly, pour that water through a cloth to filter! HAHAHAHA! Kidding! But it works you know.

A better method would be to clear the foam with your hand then peer into the water, yeah?

Personally I don't use soap/ detergent to wash my bling clothes because I keep thinking that the soap or detergent will make all the blings fall off. I know that might not be true, but I don't do it anyway.

3. How to hang your crop tops?

Does your crop top keep falling off the hanger because the neck area is too wide and the hanger arms are too small?

Today, when I just finished washing the above crop top and hung it using a normal wire hanger, it slipped off after five minutes, right into the bucket of dirty water I placed below it to collect the dripping water. :((((

So, I came up with a brilliant plan, and that is to do that!!!!!!!!!

Trick is to use a plastic hand with nooks like that:
Picture source
And not wire hangers or any hangers that lack nooks.

What you can do is to scrunch up some of the crop top shoulders or hook the neck area into the nook as shown above, and the clothes won't slip! Try it! :D

4. Clothes with buckles or fake leather

Dry them immediately after washing, I think. I always do that. I am always worried about the buckle losing its shine (and it already is oxidizing steadily :( ). Does anyone have any suggestions for that?

5. Hanging up your clothes to dry!

Shake your clothes out (for the lighter cotton kind, you should use more force) a few times to prevent large creases, then hang. Don't hang in awkward angles where it is going to create weird lines and creases in your clothes, but that can be settled with ironing of course. I seldom iron home wear, but sometimes I may iron my more important clothes if I feel like it, no?

There! You are done!!!!!!! Hoorays! :D

End of post, taddaaaa~~! :D


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