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Today is such a displeasing day.

I won't go into much details about the most displeasing event, but one pleasing event would be that our class won our opponent's class in the inter-class floorball and soccer game. It delights me to no end to see some of the kiasu people from their class looking sulkier and sulkier with each point, with each game lost. In fact, the feeling was really quite good and I won't mind having a re-game muahahahas.

Just to clarify, not everyone in the opponent's class is kiasu, so I am not referring to their whole class in a collective manner, but here and there there are some kiasu people, and man, it is pure joy to see kiasu people meet their much feared ends. Ahh.... I am turning into a sadist, deary me.

Some of the people are really quite nice, like Lumpy and Wong who are really cute in the game, not very serious but still puts in effort regardless. Personally, I thought that the team I was in didn't have a way too serious opponent that is like black-faced all the time and die die want to win. That kind of made the games for me more relaxed and more fun and enjoyable.

Phie and Tomato met the MOST KIASU team in the opponent's class, unfortunately. Those people are damn scary, like some of them are so serious because somehow it seems like they believe (and me too personally), that the pride of the class is somehow dependent on a silly floorball/soccer game. Phie told me that one of the players went like "Shit!" each time the floorball ball was stolen from her, and that was just like...-raise eyebrows-

Some of the kiasu people are quite cute and funny to watch, because they would resort to the  weird ways to block the ball from entering their goal.

For example, one of the dancers was like super flexible, and when she was defending the goal post, she got down in a signature Spiderman squat, almost in a split to prevent balls from entering. 
Picture source

Okay you get what I mean. But being more flexible than Spiderman himself, the said player open her legs to a almost full split to block the menacing threat of balls that is slightly larger than your fist.

What happened was that when she put herself in this awkward position, her movement became limited, and Phie or someone managed to sweep a ball into the goal....right through her legs.


I block one goal all by myself, wahahahahas. =puffs up in pride=

Sally, Zikki and Shin Yee are amazing defenders, especially Sal. Any ball that comes the slightest close to our goal, she does this easy but powerful sweep that sends the ball right into the opponent's side. Which is like super impressive, I mean how can anyone be so calm, accurate and powerful at the same time?

Alright alright, I am so in love with floorball and its violent playing nature. Every lesson we are bound to have at least one or two casualties who either got whacked by people's floorball sticks, or whacked themselves with floorball stick (stares pointedly at Wennie). Tomato was injured by an opposing player today, and she told me that Yau complained that our class was violent when their class was sort of same but worse. Yau is funny, I can imagine her complaining in her Yau-way.

Sorry about how my classmates seems to have weird names, those are code names yes no? A bit obvious but will protect them from any potentially evil blog readers cum stalkers?

On a random side note, I miss yingtong.

I remember that in Sec 2, the day before EOYS we were in school and it was all like self-study sessions, and we just went to play basketball with Nicole like a boss man, like a boss. Yingtong is one of the nicest people around. She is adorable, funny, and accepting towards everything. Not to mention that she is really humble despite her extreme intelligence and eloquence.

Like sincerely truly humble, instead of "no-lar-you-are-much-better-hahahahaha" kind of I-praise-you-coz-you-praise me kind of humbleness. Yeah?

I totally digressed from the post title. This sounds so happy instead of angry. But I am not going to change the post title, because whatever, it is my blog and I do as I please. :)

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  1. Good, don't change it lol.

    Must have had fun!
    Btw, I tweeted you. Check it out. (:

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