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iPhone 5 critic

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I just read Apple's iPhone launches no longer excite article about the Apple company slowly losing their creativity and also no longer being able to create the amount of hype it used to have created when they release a new product.

I felt that the aforementioned article is an extremely well-written article and the writer has done well to point out that Apple seems to be playing safe nowadays by creating slightly varied copies of the same item. I remember how excited everyone was over iPhone 4, a bit less at iPhone 4s, and a lot less at iPhone 5. It used to be sincere excitement on how a new generation of iPhone is going to be out, and now it has become a "Nice weather huh" kind of topic:

=awkward silence between you and an acquaintance=
Person: Have you heard? The new iPhone 5 is out.
You: Yeah I have heard.
Person: How do you like it?
You: Uh it is quite similar to iPhone 4.
Person: True that.
=back to awkward silence=   

I doubt Steve Jobs would be screaming from heaven as the article has humorously put it, since he is such a gentle and wise individual, but I can imagine that Jobs has kept a polar bear as a pet and the polar bear doing this on his behalf:


I am not writing this to criticize Apple for playing safe, I can understand that. It is not easy to keep making radical changes to the technological industries or to keep having new ideas on how thin or how long the next phone is going to be, because when you are at the top of the mountain, there is nowhere for you to climb except to maybe descend and then find a higher mountain to ascend.

It is definitely not easy to remain at the top-- ideas get better, people get tired of things and it is not easy to keep the masses always pleased with whatever products you are producing.

I am an ardent and hard-core fan of Apple and Steve Jobs, mainly because the great convenience my iPhone 3 has brought to my life (despite the frequent "hanging" sessions). I venerate Steve Jobs for his out-of-the-world innovations and his perseverance and his unparalleled passion and talent in this technological industries. I read his articles in Broader Perspectives at least 10 times, and sank into stony silences more than once whenever the reality that we have lost this one of a kind genius hits me again. While others fangirl-ed over Kpop Idols, I secretly worshiped Steve Jobs.

He WAS, IS, and WILL ALWAYS be an inspiration, regardless of his being around or not.

Alright, enough of my fangirl-ing, pardon me for veering off topic.

We all know that it is not easy to remain at the top, to remain as the most creative and most innovative industry of all time. It is even harder to live up to the expectations that the consumers hold for you because of the few ground breaking products that you have. It is even more stressful with competition from Androids and Cybord and Half-humans and whatnot trying to win your position of the top.

But if you keep producing things that are somehow similar here and again, I may just run out of arguments to defend you when the next person I know or don't know says something snide about the Apple company. (Please note that I have been actively defending Apple and all Apple products because I am just that loyal to my phone and its company that improved my life.)

Maybe I will start to throw punches instead.

Here is what I think Apple can do. Don't introduce anymore new generations of the iPhone that bear resemblances to the older generations whether in terms of interface or appearance. In fact, like the aforementioned article stated, spend some money into research and development. Maybe you are, but just not enough.

A better suggestion will be, let us all just go crazy and start inventing.

One thing I have always wanted to ask, why MUST phones be rectangle? Why is rectangle the default shape? It is indeed the most convenient shape, but I thought we are all trying to think out of the box? So why not heart-shaped phones? It is so much more romantic to give on Valentine's than the rectangle like thing isn't it?

Introducing brand new heart shaped phone.
If heart shape is a bit too radical, let's go for circle shaped.

Okay, maybe I was trying and failing to be funny.

But you get the point. You don't have to come up with a new generation every year for the sake of coming up with a new generation. People won't forget iPhone just because for one year, there is no new generation of iPhone. In fact, the waiting will build the expectation, and maybe even make Android worry somehow. Alright maybe that is nonsense, but you get it, people are not as interested because it seems like new generations of iPhone are being released for the sake of being released, which I feel that Steve Jobs definitely won't approve.

By the way, can I ask, why are we so obsessed with touch screen? Is it just because every company is coming up with touch screen so HEYYO WE MUST HAVE TOUCH SCREEN? No!

Let me tell you, something is a trend only because the leading companies make it happen. This is why women's shoes trend keep changing from high heels to flats then high again and then the heels go from fat to thin then fat again (I quote Ted on that). So why don't Apple, at the forefront of the smartphone revolution try to go back to the normal key pads again? Better still, make key pads with multi-coloured buttons or make key pads that are semi-touch, meaning that they are not on screen, but are touch function anyway?

Those are just the crazy examples which I threw in from the top of my head, which probably won't work (duhhh), but my point here is that, we can all step out of the box that much and think of something more....weird. People like weird stuff these days and that is why Gangnam Style is so in-trend anyway.

Take some time off, go for a vacation, dive into the Mediterranean Sea, get inspired and stun us all into amazed silence once again.

Till then, I will, and we will keep supporting Apple.

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  1. Im getting the i5 and i am reaallyy excited!! lol. :D great post though. (:


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