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Blogging about blogs

This post is going to make me sound really stuck up, and believe me, I actually did think a lot about whether I should post this, but in the end, I still decided to go ahead and post it anyway. (I did kept in mine Xiaxue's famous "are you going to sue me for my opinions" ideology.)

Recently I have been reading quite a lot of blogs just for fun and for inspiration, and I realize that some of the blogs are DAMN AWESOME while some are just pure irritating.

To make myself sound more um, PR friendly, I am going to start off with some of the amazing blogs that I have read and loved over quite a long period of time.

Amazing Blogs

1. Xiaxue

I mean, that goes without saying. Her blog is cool in the sense that she has a good command of her language and a suitable vocabulary bank which spices up her entries without making her seem like a bombastic, intellectual show-off. Her descriptions are innocent (read from 2003-3005) and interesting and I like how she is imaginative, slightly crazy and erratic in her descriptions and actions because that is really highly amusing and engaging to read.

Picture Source: xiaxue.blogspot.sg
 Despite many people criticizing her her for her unrestricted use of hokkien expletives and other profanities (that ranges as widely as her discussion topics), I personally don't mind. In fact I quite like it. I mean, extreme emotions call for extreme outlets to vent such emotions, and I think that a few curses every now and then does no one any harm anyway. I mean, can a profanity kill anyone? I doubt so. I find people who criticize her endlessly and throw a big fuss over some mere vulgarities a tad sensitive, because like she always says, "If you don't like it, then don't read it!" Why do you keep reading and bashing her? Huh?

2. A Hyperbole and A Half

Picture source: hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.sg

Sorry guys, I know I keep talking and talking about this blog, but hey I love this blog and I cannot get enough of it. :D

The writer has a fantastic sense of humor, and she is able to write things that make one go like "Omg, that is so true haha! That happened to me too!" and to add on to that, she draws amazingly.

And with only Microsoft Paint (which I have always looked at as one of the more backward drawing tools).

She can recount events so dramatically and amazingly that you would feel like you are watching this comedy where the writer, Allie Brosh, is this cute cartoon girl who is doing her weird funky things.

Like I said, amazing drawing.

Oh yes, I have to mention that some of my recent posts where I have a lot of pictures are really influenced by her drawings and writing style, because I read her and only her blog for a few days and hey presto, I suddenly became a ditto that transformed into a (lousier version of) Allie.

But now, I am back to normal, and I wonder if you guys actually prefer me to have more drawings or more text? Personally I am the text-type of blogger and I don't really enjoy (you can tell from my heavy text and sparse pictures) putting up tonnes of pictures. Not only does it hangs my iPhone when I am checking up on my blog at school, it also makes me feel sort of slackerish and empty to have so many pics.

Sorry about the digression.

Some of my favourite posts by Allie are here:
(click on the captions under the picture to be directed to the post)

God of Cake
The Party

Adventures in Depression

Do note that Allie (I wonder if it is rude to address her like that?), or Ms Brosh has not blogged for a period of time (since 2011) because she is not well. In fact, "Adventures in Depression" reflected her medical condition of really being in depression.

I didn't know that at first because I chanced upon her blog when I was searching for "top humorous blogs" and her blog appeared. I fell in love with it and then I started doing background research on the writer because I realized that she hasn't blogged for a long time.

I felt sort of bad because when I read her "Adventures in Depression", I was nodding in full agreement as I do feel what she feel sometimes (not so dramatic, but once again, if you read her blogposts, many of the posts are super drama) about being very sad without a valid reason and all. When I realized that she blogged about that because she was really suffering from depression, I felt really really bad (I don't know why either).

Anyway, best wishes to Allie or Ms Brosh, I love you and your blog, please get well soon (without any pressure from me or any of your readers) and hope that one day you will start blogging your amazing things again! :D

[P.S. I plan to email Ms Brosh to tell her that I took some of her contents, because I think I took a bit too much and I mean who likes their stuff to be recirculating everywhere? So I am going to email her to tell her, and if she does not like it, I will remove all the pictures.]

Blogs I don't like

I don't like a lot of blogs and their bloggers. And I shall list down all my reasons.
1. Cam-whoring unnecessarily 

Yes, I know that arms don't grow from boobs, but who cares?
 Basically they are doing an advertorial or a review of a certain something, and then they are holding that tiny little thing and taking this picture where their FACE and their BODY/BOOBS take up 80%-90% of the photo space.

Sometimes I don't even know what are they advertising, themselves, their boobs or the item?

Freaking annoying.

AND I DO KNOW that some sponsors requests for the blogger to be wearing that make-up product or something when taking the pictures, but how about stuff like chocolates or let's say DETERGENT???

I mean if you are doing a sponsored advertorial or something for makeup or some skin care stuff etc etc stuff along that line, I can still see why you need to have the face there.

But many times it is things like CHOCOLATES. MILO. Whatever drinks. Then they have to have their picture of themselves POUTING their lips in a supposed cute/ sexy manner, and then picture!

Now I know people are going to accuse me of being a hypocrite because Xiaxue does it too and I still like Xiaxue. Well, too bad. I like her because she blogs amazing things, and I guess when her blogging is amazing (especially her super long posts) I can overlook things like gigantic pictures.

And yeah lar, I know that some sponsors do want a picture of the blogger holding that thing, then I suppose that there's nothing one can do about it, even though I think that boob flashing and lip pouting is a little over.

2. Blog posts and blog posts of pictures

That doesn't just happen for one single blog post. Almost all the blog post are made of freaking pictures with no words or anything to explain what the pictures are for etc etc.

I mean, it is a blog, not a photo album!

Okay whatever, it is their choice whether they want it to be a blog or a photo album, but my choice whether I want to read it, so I am not going to read a photo album.

Especially one with super blurred pictures.

Okay, I am too lazy to write more and my dad has to tinker with the web, so bye everyone, and this time I have to apologize for the awkward ending to this fantastic post.

Many loves from,
Kira <3


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