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I saw a lady this morning that looks disturbingly like a frog.

In fact she looked so much like one that I stared at her for a really long period of time, wondering to myself if my eyes were playing tricks on me due to my fatigue, thinking that perhaps that it was really a frog and not a lady that I saw.

She saw me staring and turned around.

Good god, she has the bulgiest eyes I have ever seen and a really wide mouth.

I decided then that she must be a wide mouth tree frog and definitely i was way too stressed to even time think that she is a lady in the first place.

The frog sat next to me, croaked contentedly and whipped out a handphone. Wha...what? Frogs have handphones? Either I was going nuts or animals are gettingmore advanced.

On the other side of me sat a rather large sized Indian lady. (Don’t even think of accusing me of racism, that is mere description and statement of facts) In fact she is a little broad so she crossed the boundary of her own seat and squashed her leg next to mine, but from the disgruntled looks she gave me, you would think that our weights were reversed and I was the one squashing her to death instead.

I have no idea what I just blogged. Pardon me for I am stressed and nutty.


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