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The Grand Diet

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The first section of my dieting plan has unfortunately failed.

This was how it went like in this week:
Monday Food Intake
Breakfast: Bread
Break: Rice with cabbage, mushroom soup
Lunch: Rice with Toufu and some veggy
Dinner: Soup and rice

Tuesday Food Intake:
Breakfast: Bread
Break: Rice with cabbage and fried egg, vinegar-honey cucumber salad
Lunch: Rice with veggy and fried chicken
Dinner: Rice with something I cannot remember

Weight lost: 1 kg

Wednesday Food Intake:
Breakfast: Can't remember
Recess: Rice with veggy and soup
Lunch: none
Dinner: can't remember
Error: Ate icecream and fried chicken, chocolate mint cookies, strawberry ice-blended

Thursday Food Intake:
Breakfast: Fried Noodles
Break: Burger and rice with veggy and meat
Lunch: Rice with veggy and toufu
Dinner: Soup rice and capsicum and toufu
Error committed: Consumed chocolate-mint cookies, mango ice-blended

Weight Gained: 1 kg

FML. Dieting round one has officially failed. I am sort of sad that the 1kg I lost amounted to nothing in the span of four days, and I am sort of really disgusted with myself like, god, why can't I even exercise basic self-control? In this way, I am going to sky rocket all the way till I am freaking fat and I will never fit into the clothes which I bought in June. And those clothes cost me like $200++ which is like half of my salary for June yo~~

But never mind, I am not going to lose hope, neither am I going to self-destruct by making myself even fatter like those people who go, "SHIT why can't I lose weight? I don't freaking give a damn now so I might as well eat all the McSpicy in the world and all the icecream in the world and make myself even fatter because I am so depressed."

HA! Dream on. Self-destruction is for wimps. I am no wimp yo.

In fact, I will be more determined than ever. I will shed that stupid fats even if it means eating nothing but cucumbers and carrots for the rest of my life. I will lose 5 kg before 13th November and I WILL NOT BE MOCKED AT BY MY COUSIN. No I will not.

By the way, for those people who keep going, "You don't have to confine to the social norms" or "You are not fat" or "Why are you even losing weight?" or "Who cares about losing weight? That is so shallow" to me, I know that some of you are really worried about my health, but trust me, my body is much stronger than that. Also, I have so much fats that I can probably go on for one week without eating and not even die. 

Determination. I have it. Don't let me lose that. Whatever I want to achieve, I can and I will.


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