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I did something stupid.

Um hey people, I think I need to tell you guys that I did something pretty stupid with my deskie Jumpy J. I guess you are sort of have the right to know about all the retarded things I do, to a certain extent.

I mean doing stupid things is not even something new for me, I am doing stupid things everyday. Like blogging right before end-of-year exams, and building a "shooter" in class with a stack of CLEP worksheets. Oh dear I hope my CME worksheets are not in that pile. Haiz. :(

Anyway, regarding the most stupid impulsive (impulsive is better) thing me and Jocelyn did was that...we emailed (Mr) Tim Cook.

Huh?!? What do you mean who is Tim Cook?!?!

CEO of Apple Company

Anyway we emailed him impulsively, and I guess we don't really care whether he read the letter himself or whether or not he will reply, we just feel that somehow if we don't email him telling him some stuff, we were going to regret it. For life.

So in order to live life with no regrets, we emailed him.

In maths class. .___.

Talk about impulsiveness with a dash of stupidity.

At first I wanted to copy and paste the letter here, BUT I decided against it because I felt that somehow it is a bit too private and also Jumpy probably won't like it.

Moving on, I just felt a fresh wave of interest in blogging WAHAHAHAS.

Why leh, because I suddenly want to start a fashion project. In fact, the plan felt so grand in my head that I was a little to excited and was unable to memorize anything about poverty in China for my IH exam.

I decided that after exams I was going to visit apparel shops which I really like and do blog posts on them, and surprisingly, the first shop that I really want to do is a shop selling...


Whenever I pass by the shop. I would have this urge to go in and see, but I suppose that that would be extremely awkward since there is no guy with me and I don't have a boyfriend and somehow it seems like society doesn't really approve of people cross dressing.

I don't really think much of what society approves and disapproves, but I am pretty sure mum will disapprove.


Apart from the fashion shops, I am going to China this year again, and this time I really want to blog about my vacation, because hell, it is going to be fun if I snap some photos everyday!

But I need a good camera. Something better than my iPhone 3generation's (slightly) wimpy phone camera.

OK ok it is not exactly wimpy, it is just that using a phone camera makes me look so much less professional. Imagine me holding a DSLR instead. WAHAHAHAH. Professionalism shoots up ten folds.

Anyway, if I buy a camera, most likely I would have to pay at least half the price myself, so I can't possibly get DSLR because it is so freaking expensive. I prefer Canon IXUS to Powershot, partially because I do place some importance on the appearance of the cam and Powershot is a tiny bit ugly.

Here are two of my dream-cams:
Digital IXUS 125 HS - Canon Singapore - Personal
Digital IXUS 125 HS
PowerShot A2400 IS - Canon Singapore - Personal
PowerShot A2400 IS
The above two are really awesome because it has really high pixels which means no more shitty grainy photos muahahas. But like I say, I don't really like the round-edges design.

Each of the above is like 16 mega-pixels? Amazing or not? iPhone 3 is supposedly (meaning I check the net) only 3megapixels and is considered pretty darn clear for a phone camera before all the new generations of even better ones came out. Haiz.
Digital IXUS 500 HS - Canon Singapore - Personal
Digital IXUS 500 HS


Despite it only having only 10.1 megapixels, I just love the design!  It is like so sleek and cool I can't even. Haiz. Love it love it. :3

Price-wise, I think the first one (the blue one is the best). It has high definition and a good price, just a tad ugly. But I guess I DEFINITELY won't buy that shade of blue coz it is like the ugliest blue there is. Probably get red, pink or green.

Enough of fantasies. I am going to work hard to earn money after EOYS and get that dream-cam!


  1. Good luck! I'm thinking of getting a cam too! :D

  2. good luck for your exams.
    I can recomment to you the nikon camera
    This one is what I have got to last christmas and it is really very perfect. I can now make the most perfect videos of any concert and nice pictures. ; )

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! Will take it into consideration! :D
      Thanks for he well wishes too! :)


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