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Dewytree Honey Protecting Mask Sheet Review

Hey there pretties! I have blogged for the last couple of days because I was both unwell and busy, coupled with some mood swings, but now I am better and I will try to update daily!

Recently I thought I would invest some money on affordable skin care products because I am frankly worried about having breakouts, peeling skin and the likes! Hence, Dewytree's Honey Protective Mask is one of the few that I picked up from Watsons/ Guardian to try out.

Dewytree honey protecting mask sheet
For those of you who may not be familiar with Dewytree, it is a Korean brand that contains both popular facial masks like Dewytree Honey Moist Black Mask which is literally black. I don't actually like black mask that much yet despite its unique factor, so I just got the normal one instead!

Here's how I find Dewytree honey protecting mask sheet to be like after a single use:

It has a nice, subtle scent of honey which is barely detectable, not unless you are actually wearing the mask. Smell-wise, I fully approve of this mask, because the smell is not strong, and is actually pretty pleasant!

The material is thicker than the silk masks like Lovemore's Water Beauty Series than I am used to, but to my surprise it still sticks to the skin well and is able to hold the essence within the mask well enough to transfer it to my face. Whilst thick, the mask doesn't seem to suffocate the pores on my skin, so thumbs up!

Okay, here is when I don't actually like the mask anymore. The reason is that unlike My Scheming's Mask that feels cooling, comfortable and almost like there is nothing on the skin, this mask is ITCHY. Yes, my friends. This mask is quite itchy, and I am not sure whether it is because my skin may be sensitive to the ingredients of the mask or the material of the mask, but I really seldom have such reactions to masks.

So you can imagine how uncomfortable it can be in that 15-20 minutes of application: scratch, prod and whimper.

Frankly, I don't really see much of a difference to my skin. Indeed, my skin looks fuller and more moisturized (like the hydrated look), but come on, isn't that like the very basic thing that masks are supposed to do? Even if I put bananas on my skin for 15 minutes coupled with honey, my skin looks tighter and more hydrated!

Not too disappointing, I wasn't really expecting much from the mask anyway since it is just $2.00!

For this mask, I will rate it a 2/5. Sorry Dewytree.

It is a good choice of mask if you are looking for affordable remedies to improve your skin condition for short periods of time, or simply to hydrate dry skin! But do consider the itch factor, since most people won't enjoy such a sensation!

Instead of Dewytree, I would strongly recommend My Scheming or Lovemore's facial mask because my experiences with them so far have been nothing short of excellent! For those of you who are interested, feel free to check out the following posts!

Will be blogging again soon, till next post!


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