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Catrice Cosmetic Review Singapore

Recently, I purchased a box of false lashes by Catrice Cosmetics out of pure curiosity! For those of you who are looking for Catrice Cosmetics, you can find their stand at specific Guardian stores in Singapore, such as at Clementi, Jurong East and Jurong Point shopping mall!

The lashes below are Lash Couture - Single Lashes by Catrice Cosmetics! They are retailing at $7.90 per box at Guardian stores in Singapore, a price which I find reasonable, as compared to Dolly Wink lashes which costs a bomb of $20 over dollars!

Catrice False Lashes - Lash Couture, Single Lashes
 Foremost, the design of the box is classy yet simple. The floral edge provides a good sense of diagonal symmetry and I feel that this is something that is actually suitable to carry in the handbag, you know, just in case you need to pop on a few extra lashes for that dramatic look! Compared to the paper and fragile plastics that other lashes tend to be packaged in, this box is definitely more durable and hardy!

Not only so, I personally find that the box has a touch of Anna Sui's elaborate patterns, just that this one is more toned down!

Lash Couture - Single Lashes inside
Would you look at that rogue lash on the right!

This is how the lashes look on the inside! How do you like them?

What I like about the Catrice Cosmetic's Single Lashes
Let's set the attractive packaging aside and talk about the quality of the lashes first. I have tried the lashes once so far and I am surprised and pleased by how soft these lashes are! They are nothing like the cheap packages that I grabbed from Shanghai's brand-less stores which felt stiff, too shiny and this unnatural. These lashes are really soft to touch and in a sense, the softness makes it feel more genuine, like our own lashes!

It is really comfortable. Normal lashes usually have a spine to hold all the little lash hairs together so that we can apply the lash in one stroke. The lash spine is usually uncomfortable, for me at least, since the skin on our eyelids are really delicate as they are much thinner than the skin on other parts of our body! In a way, by separating out the lashes into single "bunches" like the one above, it enables a more comfortable experience: there is nothing poking into the folds of your double eyelid.

It is versatile. By this, I mean that you can actually choose how dramatic you want your lashes to be. Want a more natural, "invisible make-up" look? Trim the lashes down to a length that is just slightly longer than your natural lashes and apply about 3 to the end of your eyes. If you are going for the dramatic look, leave the long fibers on and pop on 5 or more! It is easy to use and you can easily create many different looks by using different number of lashes!

Catrice lashes on the eye in the right of the picture!
Sorry, I am cross-eyed and with half my make-up gone when I was trying the lashes at the end of a shopping day. Look at those untrimmed brows, heh.

The lashes on the right eye (from photo) is very clearly longer and more obvious than the other side, since I applied 3 of the single lashes to try out. Honestly, I couldn't feel anything on my eye (even though I could see the increment in the length of my lashes). Comfort is comfortable: can you imagine wearing something that is stiff, uncomfortable and keeps jabbing into your eyes when you blink? I hope you have never had that experience, because I have! My eyes were watering and my lids were sorely irritated at the end of the wear, and because of the irritation, my lid was really itchy. So guys, comfort before beauty!

The lashes are really really affordable. Prices, price, pricing. The price tag is definitely a key consideration when we are purchasing make-up because believe or not, good make up or bad make up expire in roughly the same amount of time, though arguably good make up is better for the skin and all. But hey, lashes are not really rubbed into the skin, so cheap and GOOD ones won't hurt. At $7.90, you get a whole box of lashes that are REUSABLE. Yes, I checked Catrice's site and they stated they are actually reusable, thus explaining their really good container quality. Use it, wipe it, store it!

Catrice Cosmetics Lash Couture - Single Lashes 

The three rows of lashes have different lengths! I didn't notice it tilled I read up about it on Catrice's website, but they actually stated that on the back of the box as well. Woe betide those who don't read the product information...

If you look closely, the topmost lashes are actually indeed longer than the bottom most lashes.

Free Catrice lash glue
I love the fact that it comes with a lash glue in the box, it saves us the trouble of having to look for one!

What I don't really like
Probably one difficult thing about using these lashes, is the fact that these lashes are tiny and really hard to grab. Even harder is the gluing on process because they are so so so small. Hence, use tweezers!

with lashes on the right
Final photo with the lashes. It is dramatic here since I needed to shoot the photos, but I think for a normal daily look, we can totally tone it down!

That's all for today's review, sorry if it is rushed towards the end...catching up with a friend on Whatsapp now and see you all soon!


  1. Hi Yi Lai, I haven't seen these eyelashes on the Catrice stand on my local drugstore. I haven't tried any false eyeslashes ever and am afraid i'd ruin mine. Would you recommend trying other false eyelashes?

    Happy Sunday!


    Jo | Say Cheesy Cake
    Say Cheesy Cake on Bloglovin

    1. Hey Jo!
      Thank you fro the question! Not to worry, false lashes definitely will not ruin your real lashes, especially if you are careful when removing them as there are instances whereby one or two of your own lashes may fall off due to the rubbing or pulling! I would recommend Dolly Wink, it is a popular brand of lashes! :)
      <3 Reading your blog too!


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