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Valentine's Day Make-up Tutorial

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner! On this special day, I am sure a lot of us would love to look beautiful for our special other!

Many of us know just the PERFECT look to make our eyes big and alluring, but in the midst of all the dolly-eye contacts and aegyo-sal, there is something else we tend to overlook: our lips.

Yes, our lips are actually just as important as everything else on our face, if not even more important! This is why, for today's look, I am bringing to you Colour Inject Mineral Lip Gloss by Australis, a popular Australian brand that Pucker.sg sells for a really reasonable price!

Here are some of the lip gloss colors that I will be using for today's make-up tutorial~

 Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lip Gloss
Also, introducing Australis' popular Velourlips matte lip cream, which is simply gorgeous. You will see why I am raving so much about them later!

For foundation, I am using one of my favorite CC creams, UV Aqua White. It an amazing CC cream that allows perfect coverage of flaws and provides one with a polished, refreshing finish that makes the skin look both hydrated and moisturized.

UV Aqua White CC Cream

For the eyes, I am trying out these Shiny Eye Shadow pens that I have recently picked up at Daiso, out of curiosity.
Daiso Shiny Eyeshadow Pens
 For a more detailed outline of the eye make up, you can refer to my upcoming post. For today, I am really just going to focus on the lips, because you know, on Valentine's Day, you want sexy, healthy looking lips to engage in some smooches maybe? 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Here is my completed Valentine's Day look, sans lip gloss/ color. Even though my skin is really glowing because of the lovely coverage, I still look sickly because of the pale lip color.

I look great!
 And here is the solution to great looking lips!
Colour Inject Mineral Lip Gloss in Lamba (on top) and Polka (bottom)
Using these two colors, I can create the popular Korean style gradient lip colors!

Although I am choosing the colors above to do my gradient lip color, you can choose any of the following colors to create your own look!

Colour Inject (from left): Lambada, Polka, Fandango and Burlesque
The good thing about these lip gloss/ stain is that they smell amazing! With the subtle and natural scent of lychees that do NOT threaten to drown you in their scent, this is definitely the go to scent that cosmetics should have! Especially those on the lips!

Not only so, these lip glosses are non-sticky, moisturizing and long-lasting.

Do you know why it is so good?

Because it contains Kakadu plum which actually contains a really high source of Vitamin C, which is also well known for their brightening effects! This means that when you use this lip gloss, it is also helping you to brighten lip tone! We all prefer brighter lip color to duller ones right?

Nay, I didn't know that, I found it on the link above on Pucker's page and I was like both surprised and amazed! I have never heard of such a cool element before.

We want our lips to look something like that:

Gradient Lip Color (Photo Credit)

LOOK ONE: Sexy Gradient Lip Colour

Firstly, using concealer, conceal all of your lips using a gentle dabbing motion and wiping off the excess concealer. This is particularly useful for those with naturally dark lip tones, as the concealer will help to show your lip color better!

Australis Colour Inject Lip Gloss & Stain - Polka
Following that, I am using the Australis Colour Inject Lip Gloss & Stain - Polka on the center of my lips for the darker shade. Then using my ring finger, I gently blend it outwards such that the colour goes from the darker shade closer to your inner lip, to a lighter, almost not visible shade to the outer lip.

It is such a lovely colour! Can you see how much healthier my lips look already?

Then, I apply the Lambada tone from the same lip series on the outer lip area to give it a nude but healthy shine.

And, tadaaa! We are done!

Alternatively, if you are the type to prefer a more matte finish as compared to a glossy finish, you can consider Velourlips, also by Australis!

Velourlips Matte Lip Cream in Rio-D
Unlike most of the lip creams that I have tried so far that smells strange (like chemicals), this one too has a sweet and refreshing scent! Just one sniff and *clicks finger* I am a life-long fan!

And for those of you who are supportive of animal rights and no animal testing, then you have come to the right place! Both Velourlips and Colour Inject by Australis are cruelty free! Not only so, they are also vegan! How cool is that?

Ahh I am holding it upside down. 
I am using the vibrant orange-pink shade called Velourlips Matte Lipcream Rio-D, which is a striking shade that is both eye-catching and full of attitude!

Tired of the good girl "nude lip" colors? Why not go wild with Rio-D's brighter, more attention grabbing shade for a change? After all, the classical pinks and reds are really common, so why not be a trendsetter with this almost neon orange?

Here are two photos of myself with gradient lip color, using the Rio-D shade in the middle

Can you see the pretty orange shade in the center?
Because I use a whitening and anti-wrinkle application on my phone, the lip color came out HALF A SHADE lighter. Yep, only half a shade, so for those who are hesitating because of the "dramatic" color, have no fear! It is a really beautiful and bold shade for all our gorgeous and daring princesses out there!

In fact, here is how my lips look like with no filter (but really good sunlight!)

Yes, I am aware my skin doesn't look that good without filter. I am exposing my bad skin for you all.

Look at that beautiful matte color. I can't even.

Gradient lips with Velourlips Matte Lipcream Rio-D

If you don't want to have lips that are gradient in color, you can of course choose to apply it to your whole lips! Can you tell that I changed my eye-makeup slightly to suit this more rebellious look? Look at the extended eye liner hehe ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

Now, don't say that I never warn you, but the shade is really really bright if you see me in person! It is lighter here because 1. This photo has been brightened by the sun + my phone 2. My phone generally cannot seem to capture colors that well. (◑‿◐)

However, the color is simply FANTASTIC for photoshoots as well as selfies, because it makes our lips really stand out, giving us the sexy edge.

Velourlips Matte Lipcream Rio-D

Now that we have covered both the sweet and sexy looks, let's move on to our final look: the natural look! For this look, I am using Australis Color Inject Fandango to create the natural orangey-red lips that is not too over the top or too boring. It gives us enough freshness and a unique element without making us seem like a wayang show.

Australis Color Inject Lip Gloss and Stain in Fandango
Yes, I am totally loving this shade.

So so much.

Chic and sexy lip color makes one look great!
All right! So we have come to the end of our lip make-up tutorial with three different yet equally alluring lip colors! Once again, I would like to thank pucker.com.sg for giving me the chance to try out such a fantastic line of lip cream and lip glosses and to make you guys this really fun and easy tutorial! As for the eye make-up, please anticipate the next tutorial!

Yes, I am camwhoring for nothing really. Heh ^^

Which one do you like most? Share with us in the comments below and tell us if you prefer lip gloss/stain or matte lip cream! 

Thanks for reading and look radiant for 14th February!


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