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Mia Care Acne Patch Review

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Just a day ago I was sharing a tutorial on how to create the Chinese New Year look to go with your new outfits! I was mentioning in the post that Mia Care Acne Patch would be a good patch to put over your acne in order for it to heal faster, since we all want our red little spots to disappear as fast as they can, don't we?

Mia Care Acne Patch is available in all Guardian Stores in Singapore!

Mia Care Acne Patch for Day and Night
 I bought mine at a sale from Guardian a couple of days ago, the Day and Night mixed package was being sold at $5.50, so I decided to give it a try.

Here's how the item look on the inside. They even included an easy-to-follow instruction pamphlet inside, useful for first timer users like myself.

Mia Care Acne Patch for Day and Night
Left: 6 patches of Night Care
Right: 12 patches of Day Care

What I like about the product
It is easy to apply. Now, unlike those gel form acne cures that we have to apply with a cotton bud or clean fingers (and having to wash our hands twice in the process), this one you can just pop it on after washing your face in the morning or at night before you go to sleep. It is like a sticker for the pimple: slap it on and go.

It is almost invisible. I am saying almost because under sunlight or brighter light, it is still sort of visible but not very obvious. In a way, it helps to minimize the redness of the pimple (especially those vengefully red and swollen ones) by a fair margin. When I was using it, my mom couldn't tell that there were anything on my face, but then again she doesn't really look at me that much I guess!

bad skin 1
bad skin 2, yikes

You can actually put make-up over the patch. I know, that is something really cool since acne and foundation together usually equates to disaster: many foundation out there are comedogenic and do block the pores. The patch act as a veil over the skin, so you can put on make-up and concealer with ease knowing that your pimple is protected from further inflammation!

It is effective, in a way. I am saying that because it is not entirely effective, but also not completely useless. The first day I used 3 day patches in the morning on each of the pimple I had and 3 night patches when I went to sleep to replace the day ones. By the next morning, the one next to my lip has completely disappeared (it was originally small and in the midst of growing), the one on my forehead is less swollen and no longer painful, but the one on my chin is still very swollen, and if possible, it seemed worse.

Additionally, I seem to come to notice that the night patches seem to work better than the day ones, though I haven't used them long enough to have solid proof. A gut feeling, but perhaps something worthy for consideration when you are buying on limited budget!

It does offer a protective layer, especially from touchy hands. I am not sure if you have the same habit as I do, which is to feel really tempted to touch a sore spot on my face: especially one that is on the verge of having a pimple eruption. Even worse, when the pimple is in its stage of growth, I am even more tempted to prod at it with my often unclean hands because the skin will feel so tight and uncomfortable. These actions tend to worsen my pimple, sometimes causing them to turn purple (I presume it to be infection) or just become even bigger.

Thus the acne patch will ensure that your dirty hands or environment have a less chance of coming into contact with the pimple and irritating it further.

What I don't like about the product
It is actually pretty expensive. In just a period of 2 to 3 days, I have almost finished my entire package of acne patches and I only have 3 pimples all together. 2 of them are not even remotely close to healing despite Mia Care's suggestion that they will be gone in 72 hours....

Mia Care Acne Patch: Day and Night 

Not only so, imagine your expenses if you have say, 10 pimples (acne outbreak) on your face. Are you like going to stick a patch on each and every one of them? Not only will you need several packets of the patches, you will probably look weird. One patch is easy to overlook, 10 patches? You will look like you have a novel skin disease.

The removal procedure is actually pretty painful. I am not saying like "knife-cuttingly" painful, but it is definitely more pain than necessary, especially on a tender acne spot, the pain doubles. I also get the bad feeling that the peeling off process may damage the skin on the pimple further (or even cause dry skin to tear off, yikes) and worsen the pimple. For those of you who have tried a black-head remover patch, yes, it's that skin-tearing type of pain. Yeowch.

3 out of 5!

It is not too bad, especially if you want to do make up despite your pimples. Okay, maybe you would want to put on make up because of the pimples. I mean, pimples are a serious ego wounder, after all.

However, if you have an acne outbreak, I would really suggest using pimple cream like Acnes Medicated which worked well for me for a while, till the cream turned kinda weird... But for an occasional pimple here and there, patch may be a good consideration!

I have also heard of Nexcare acne patch, but I haven't tried it since a friend of mine who did says it doesn't work...Sluggy Sophia says that the Tea Tree Acne Patch works, so you can consider that too!

Okay, I have finished my post and I hope this has been helpful to you all!

Do drop me a comment below to tell me what kind of acne remedies you have tried and if they work! Till next post, bye!


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