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Klarity Appreciation Tea Party (SaladStop)

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Not too long ago, I was extremely excited and happy to receive an email from Klarity: it was an invitation to attend their Appreciation Tea Party, and I am really not exaggerating because all my life I had always wanted to go for this kind of blogging/social media events. I mean, after all, it's so damn bloody cool right? During JC period, I got a lot of invites, but I had no choice but to turn down all of them because of busy academic schedule.

Now I am liberalized and free to go whenever I want!!!

Anyway, I love the floral print and the design of the invitation, don't you?

Klarity Appreciation Tea Party Invitation
 The Tea Party was held at SaladStop at Sail, but Denyse and I really didn't know our way around, so we marched all around Raffles Citylink and all the adjacent malls including the financial business area or something, but the SaladStop that they had was CLOSED.

We thought it was because we went too early (half an hour early), so we sat down nearby and waited...and waited. Till it was 5 minutes before the start of the event and the SaladStop was STILL CLOSED.

We realized something was horribly wrong then.

So we scampered all around, asking the concierge and people to find our way to our destination.

Turns out that this is the newest outlet, and it is so new that it has literally JUST OPENED.

SaladStop @ Sail
Most of the bloggers/ social media influencers were already there. More of them came halfway through the event: I don't blame them, it was really hard to find the new place, it is really quite ulu. (︶ω︶) 

Thankfully, we weren't one of the last to reach because later on, the location became so packed that some of the people who came had to stand by the door, which is like really quite awkward right? I would feel quite shy to be standing like that. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Before the actual thing commences. There was something remotely cool about just having this thing on the screen and us sitting there amongst the rest of the bloggers. Like we were somehow really important, like part of the media and the press. I almost imagined myself whipping out a mike for an interview... (。・ω・。)

Klarity Appreciation Tea Party

We had a skincare sharing session by our beautiful Karine and Peggy Heng, blogger at http://www.thydowager.com/ to tell us more about how damaging UV light is to the skin, and skincare tips to keep our skin youthful. It is mostly the common things we hear over and over again but never really bothered to do:

  • Wear sunblock
  • Drink more water
  • Eat more vegetables (hint: saladstop hehhe)
  • Eat more fruits
  • Good skincare habits
Peggy on the left and Karine on the most right ^_^
 Oh yes, before that we had a crowning session for the Face of Klarity competition they held last year among social influencers. Although I also received the email, I felt too paiseh to call myself an influencer because the only thing I have influenced people to do so far is to go and be a banquet waiter/waitress....muahahah.

Some of the winners didn't come...I was actually quite confused around here because it seemed like there were so many winners or ambassadors, then two of the beautiful girls also got crowned as Miss Goodskin or something? So Denyse and I just looked at each other in bewilderment.

It's okay though, there are things in life that we don't need to understand. Like this. Then there are things in life we HAVE TO understand. Like Pythagoras Theorem.

Just kidding. I think we can survive in life without Pythagoras Theorem, hehe.

Karine and Yi Ling (I think). Yi Ling is slim and gorgeous.

 I think the crown thing was slippery because it kept looking like it was going to fall out of their hair (which would be pretty damn awkward, especially if it breaks right). But thank god it didn't. Denyse pointed out that the crown was ruining Peggy's hairstyle, which was kinda true, since it got rather squashed, oops.

Karine and Peggy

Whenever Denyse and I got bored, we started taking lots of unabashed selfies. I would really want to post the photos here, but Denyse doesn't want me to because she leads a more private life away from the prying eyes of you guys. Anyways, Denyse was even more gorgeous that day, partly due to my awesome makeup skills. Mostly it is due to her good genes. We spent almost an hour plus in a toilet trying to get her make-up to be perfect! I have to say, I think I have talent in doing people's make-up. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Here comes the highlight of the day!!! FOOD!

We had salad cups provided by the SaladStop, in small servings. I am guessing they did that so that we can try more taste rather than eating all the same taste right haha.

Omega Three Baby

Still Omega Three Baby

Iron Woman Salad
Go Geisha

Cheaper than a Facial!
 The salads have really interesting names, and I tried both "Iron Woman" and "Go Geisha" (see picture below).
My salad "Go Geisha" (left) and Denyse's Iron Woman (right)

If you are having any doubts about salad like I do, about their taste and all, then fret not! Because the "Iron Woman" salad was really delicious for a salad, although nothing can really match up to the taste of fried chicken and braised pork... But hey, at least this is really healthy!

I particularly love how the Feta Cheese in "Iron Woman" gives the baby spinach the lovely, tangy after taste. It was fragrant, not too overwhelming and it also spices up what could be a boring salad to be really yummy! Also, as I am a huge fan of raisins and almond, I think I would make it my go-to salad from now on!

In fact, Denyse and I were such huge fans of "Iron Woman" that we ate 3 and 2 servings of it respectively! Even Denyse says she won't mind eating salad everyday if it tasted that good!

As for the "Go Geisha", it wasn't too bad, but it wasn't really my cup of...salad. I like things with a strong flavor like Feta Cheese, which totally drowned out my compliments for Go Geisha. Nonetheless, it is still pretty good tasting for salads!

At the end of the event, we were all given a Klarity goodie bag with one of the Klarity™ Lasertox™ Slim Up Mask and a tiny sample size bottle of Klarity Lasertox CC cream. I have to say, as a HUGE fan of Klarity's Lasertox CC cream because of its various properties. You can read my ravings about it here. I will say one thing about the CC cream: FANTABULOUS. It is so good that just "fantastic" or "fabulous" won't do it justice.

I would probably do a follow up post about the CC cream, since I am almost done using it, and hope you guys will read it then!

Klarity Lasertox V-line Slip up mask
Each of us received one. Denyse gave hers to me after I gave her my CC cream haha. I bought 2 more on the spot because my mom loves it, so  I have 4! 。◕‿◕。

Klarity Lasertox V-line Slip up mask
Can't wait to give Klarity Lasertox CC cream a try? Or would like to try one of their slim up mask? Why not head over to Secretive.sg to grab some items and pamper yourself for the coming Valentines?

Afterall, we girls want to look gorgeous for the special one out there ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)

Till next post, bye~!


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