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Hair Dye or Hair Die?

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See, I wasn't actually planning on blogging today. The reason is that I am so crashed from working at Grand Hyatt from 10am to 5pm that my legs are sore (and hopefully as a result, slimmer) and my soles are aching.

Soles. Souls. Both, same difference.

Anyway, today I realized how influential the force of peer pressure is. In fact, it wasn't even really peer pressure, like oh everyone is going to buy a "GEEK" crop top so I really have to get one too.


It is about hair dye.

I have always told myself that for as long as I could help it, I was never going to do a permanent hair dye. The reason is really simple: once you start dyeing your hair, you probably have to keep doing it because your hair grows bloody fast and it is too soon that you would have unsightly roots popping up at the bottom, making you hair look like this two-toned thingum. 

Bleaching is probably even worse in a sense because your presumably black roots becomes jarringly obvious against the yellowish blonde of your bleached hair, and like what people with bleached hair say, it is quite unsightly. Though I personally think that such hair look rather chic at times, I guess most of the time it looks like a lousy dye job.

Okay okay enough of me beating round the bush.

I am in a dilemma because I don't want to damage my hair further by dyeing it and thus exposing it to more chemicals that I can help and then compound the amount of chemicals going on my head by repeatedly dyeing it later on, yet at the same time, I am starting to envy some hair colors like those nice chocolate brown hair, ash brown as well as brown violet. 

They honestly look damn nice!

I know I have dyed my hair once before in this shade of not-that-obvious purple even though it is SUPPOSED to be bloody obvious since we are expected to bleach before dyeing it purple. but I didn't, so that purple tinge to my brownish black hair got washed off twice as fast as those people with bleached hair do. 

Maybe I am doomed to a life of boring hair color (not even colourS) because of my adversion to the smell of hair dye. La Riche's temporary dye was the only good smelling hair dye amongst all the dyes I smelled so far. Even those claiming to be ammonia free smelled pretty horrible.


Anyhoos, I would really like to blog about Grant Hyatt, which has a VERY high standard for their banquet waitresses, like it is actually COMPULSORY to wear red lipstick. 

Who the hey wears red lipstick in this century!?! Not me, definitely.

Anyways I borrowed lipstick/gloss/tint from one of my coworkers there who also worked with me on my first day at Ritz Carlton. 

I dunno why Grand Hyatt is called Grand Hyatt. I mean Raffles Hotel didn't call itself Grand Raffles or Sentosa Mice calling itself Grand Mice.

Puwahahaha~~! Grand Mice sounds like the rodent's ancestor or something.

Okay, I am so bloody facile. (´⌣`ʃƪ) 
I guess it is okay for me to be lame so long as I provide entertainment for those reading this, hehe ^^

Shall be off to watch videos now! 

To my readers, don't be a silent reader okay! I get 300+ visits a day and not a single person comments! Comment more and tell me who you are (nickname is fine), what you like or dislike about this blog, and how lame I am being actually makes you feel happier.

I like making people feel happy.

Which is why waitressing isn't that bad a job, I suppose.

I prefer serving the Caucasians/Europeans though, they are friendlier and more appreciate than the Asian Chinese that I have served so far. Like for the former, they will thank you specifically before they leave the restaurant/banquet, saying that they appreciate your attentiveness and for making their meal wonderful. It always makes me so happy to hear this little words of appreciation from those whom I serve, even if you are just saying it as a form of manner!

Manners are such nice things aren't they?

That's all for today, bye~! 


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