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Hurraw Lip Balm Review

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Hurraw Chocolate Lip Balm (left), Hurraw Earl Grey Lip Balm (right)
Some time ago, I tried to get you all to guess what were the two things that we are going to review very soon on our Facebook Page and I am guessing that not many of you managed to figure it out!

Hence, today, I am going to share with you guys my very own Hurraw lip balm review, which is kindly brought to you guys by Pucker lip care! For avid fans of Pucker like myself, you would know that they have recently migrated to pucker.com.sg, but the old URL will still direct you there regardless!

1. Hurraw Lip Balm has 22 different Flavors
Yes, really, I am not even exaggerating.

Here are some of our favorite flavors that is easily available at just $8.90 (use hurraw lip balm promo code "puckerup" to get an additional 15% off!!).

Hurraw Lip Balm Flavours
Coming in third among all the different flavors that Hurraw offers is Hurraw Black Cherry lip balm, which is has a delicious and authentic cherry scent that reminds one of fresh spring. Not only so, the black cherry lip balm is also tinted, meaning that it not only moisturizes the lips but also offers the lips a lovely, healthy tint that is beautiful yet subtle.

For the second place, I would award it to Hurraw Chocolate lip balm simply because their chocolate scent smells that good. The smell of chocolate is definitely not easily to imitate and I am definitely impressed by the mildly sweet chocolatey smell of the chocolate lip balm!

Yes, the smell of the chocolate lip balm is so good that even hamsters, known for their good sense of smell, go gaga over it!

In the first place, we choose Hurraw Earl Grey lip balm flavor because it is an unprecedented flavor in cosmetics and absolutely unique! For fans of earl grey tea which has a fragrant and tantalizing scent, you would love every swipe of Hurraw's earl grey lip balm!

I suppose this is one of the perks of switching to using Hurraw lip balms because you can never get bored of it: there are just so many scents for one to try and test out that by the time you finish the last scent, new ones are probably out on the market for you to enjoy!

Hence, for those of you who are tired of the mainstream lip balm flavors, it is time to say bye bye to the boring lip balms and welcome Hurraw's amazing  range of flavors instead!

2. Hurraw lip balms are gluten free and organic
Hurraw chocolate and earl grey flavors
You probably don't know this, but gluten is bad for you. Yes, hence Hurraw has made it a point to create the one lip balm to give your lips the best possible care, by incorporating every detail that most other lip balm manufacturers have missed out.

Not only so, Hurraw lip balms are free from paraben, petroleum, preservatives and they don't even have artificial coloring and flavours.

Can we say WOW?

For those of you who are not familial with paraben, it is a chemical that is linked to cancer trigger, yet plenty of lip balms and other make-up products continue to use it in the ingredients.

Hurraw lip balms are so meticulously created with the finest ingredients that it is hard to believe that such goodness can exist in such a small tube sold at an extremely reasonable price! For the long term benefit of your lips, investment in such a product is not a choice, but a must!

3. Hurraw lip balms are not sticky or oily

Having tried all sorts of lip balms and lip care products over the years, I have found sticky and oily lip balms exceptionally annoying. Why?

Because they are extremely uncomfortable on the lips, which are probably more sensitive that the skin on other parts of your body. Having the sticky and oily sensation is one major reason why many people find wearing lip balms a bother.

After using Hurraw lip balms for almost one week since I received it, I can't help but fall in love with how non-sticky and non-oily this lip balm is.

No, I am not saying this just for the sake of publicity.

Whilst in the past I have always found putting lip balm on a vexing thing to do, now I would automatically reach for my beloved stick of chocolate scented hurraw lip balm whenever my lips start to feel dry.

To me, the smell is an added bonus because you guys who have read most of my review posts would know that I am bat-shit crazy about smells. Like I said, no one want to have heavy chemical scented lip balms because it is simply too horrible for extended use. Yet, such chemical smells are unavoidable in many lip balms because of the use of petroleum, an ingredient that Hurraw does not include.

4. Hurraw lip balms are cruelty free and organic
Photo credits
For animal lovers like myself who are against the notion of animal testing in the cosmetic industry, you will be absolutely delighted to know that Hurraw lip balms are vegan and cruelty free!!!

Vegan means that no animal products are used in the production of the lip balm, such as beeswax, a popular lip balm component. On the other hand, cruelty free assures us that the lip balm are NOT tested on cute helpless animals like the bunny above.

The whole procedure of cosmetic testing on animals is a grotesque process that is too painful to watch, hence by using Hurraw lip balms, you are indirectly saving these adorable rabbits (a common test subject) and supporting animal rights! :D

5. Hurraw Lip Balm is on sale on Pucker.com.sg
hurraw lip balm promo code
Many of you, especially those from Singapore, may be looking for a good website to shop for cosmetics and lip balms from but are not sure which online store to buy them from, because frankly, there are a lot of cheats out there. Serious.

Now, Pucker.com.sg is a completely reliable website that you can choose to get amazing products with premium quality from because of one special reason:

They offer refund and exchange if you are unhappy with your purchase within 7 days!

Tell me how awesome is that!

That's Pucker's Promise to you customers who shop on their site! There is no cheat, no hidden terms and conditions to trick you into buying from them! Click on the link above to read all about their promise to consumers and never worry about refunds and exchanges again!

Hey, and such amazing services are not limited to just you Singaporeans! Pucker ships their products worldwide, meaning that even those of you who are living overseas get to enjoy such great services too!

Not only so, shipping within Singapore costs ONLY $1 and for purchases above S$25, you are entitled to FREE REGISTERED MAIL!

That is exactly how fantastic shopping with Pucker is!


We have come to the end of our Hurraw llip balm review, and here is the time for giveaway!

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That's all! Leave us a comment below to tell us what is your favorite lip balm brand or taste! Do remember to leave behind your email address as one lucky commentator will also walk away with a surprise gift!


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