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Taeyeon Inspired Party Look

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Hey there girlies! :D

We all know who Taeyeon is: one of the nine gorgeous girls from SNSD~!

Taeyon with light brown hair!

 Taeyeon is also one of the first few people that I can recognize from SNSD because I just like the way she looks!

Today's party-look is inspired by Taeyeon's make-up in Run Devil Run, which is actually a really old song, I know. Old but still nice ^^

Taeyeon in Run devil Run, I love her hair!
So today, I am going to show you guys a make-up tutorial for parties, one that is inspired by the sharp and fierce look that Taeyeon wore in Run Devil Run!

For today's tutorial, I am test-using the free samples from Dr. Young make-up and skincare products. I think I received these before my exams and I totally forgot about them...till today. Oops.

This is the look we are going for! 

For this look I am using Luxury Babe grey contact lens, diamond cut called Luxury 40!

The reason why I always buy these is because they are cheaper than other lenses, and they are actually also pretty comfortable in the eyes, so yep!

But I plan to jump ship from Luxury Babe to Freshkon, because of my minimal trust in cheap stuff. Heh.

Firstly, moisturize your skin using your preferred type of toner, moisturizer or lotion, preferably one that is hydrating but not to sticky, because the latter may cause your make-up to clump!

Dr. Young Timeless Forever Young Bamboo Blooming Booster
I swear that Dr. Young seems to like alliteration. Like, really? Bamboo blooming booster?

Texture-wise, not too bad! Hydrates pretty well and feels like it does a pretty decent job of moisturizing the skin without making it overly sticky!

Foundation! Foundation is like the key to every make-up, because it not only helps to cover up your flaws in the skin, but also helps to brighten up dull looking skin as well as give the skin a healthy and natural glow.

Here I am also using Dr. Young sample: Triple Action B.B cream. 

My verdict? Not too shabby! Although the initial application felt rather sticky and very dense, in the sense that it is rather difficult to spread it over the face, the coverage was pretty impressive. It covered up the spots and dots on my face really well, and also gave my skin this natural radiance that I really liked. 

Dr. Young Triple Action B.B cream
For this time, I found it unnecessary to use concealer because the Dr. Young Triple Action BB cream gave really good coverage. Thus, skippy skip to powder.

As usual, I am using my Maybelline powder.

I need a new powder... :'(
Using a pale colour like very pale brown, cream or shimmery white, highlight your brow bones. Yep, just dab and blend in the light colour below your brows so better define your eyebrows. For this I am using shimmery white.

As usual, I am using the Maybelline 4 shades. I have labelled the picture below haha, albeit in tiny ant-sized words to tell you which colour for which: you can click on it to magnify the picture and the words!

For eyelids, I am using the paler brown shade on the right, which looks natural on the eyes and not that dramatic. I don't know why, but I think that even for party looks, I would prefer to look sleek and not too wild. You know?

Maybelline eyeshadow

Okie dokes. The next step is to line your upper lash line. I prefer to shade between my lashes using black colour eye shadow prior to lining because it helps to fill in the gaps between the lashes, and by doing so, your eye liner doesn't have to go that close to the lash line. Thus it is more comfortable!

I am using Maybelline eyeshadow and gel liner pot for this, but please feel free to use whichever eye-liner and shadow that you prefer!

Using silver glitter to line ONLY the outer corner of the eyes for that extra bling~!
I forgot to take a picture of mine, so I just randomly searched the net for one!

Silver Liner, picture credit
Highlight the lower lash line, or waterline with shimmery white eye shadow to open up the eyes and to look more energetic!

It is optional, but you can choose to contour your nose and face to give it the illusion of higher nose bridge and the less chubby cheeks!


HAHA I am actually pretty proud of these two photos because of the following reasons:

  • My nosebridge actually looks freaking high
  • My skin looks great!
  • My teeth look white :D :D :D
  • I was in a tatty school shirt but it turned out so nice!
Okay, enough of self-praise.

My ego is a little large recently because at least 4 people, both in real life and online, told me that I am pretty/hot/ nice-looking.

I knoowwww.

Takes so little to boost an ego, and so much to bring it down.

Till next post, taddaaassss~~!

Product Placement: Dr. Young Triple Action BB cream, Dr. Young Bamboo Blooming Booster


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