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Yoon Ara inspired Princess Make-Up

Hey girls! Today I am back with another make-up tutorial which is inspired by the lovely and sweet-looking Yoon Ara!

Yoon Ara!
Yoon Ara!
Even though she has plastic surgery (comments say so, I am not that sure) and she seems to have photoshopped her pictures as well, I still think she looks really sweet!

I came across this video of her demonstrating a natural princessy make-up a while back and I couldn't wait to try it myself! Here is the video:

Here are the products that I am using for this makeup!

For the face and contouring

For the eyes!

For the lips

Brushes and Sponges
This is the look I am trying to accomplish! Nice right? ^_^

Firstly, using your preferred brand of BB cream, spread that over your face well and blend till there are no "white spots" or blotches! Pay extra attention to the under-eye area as that is where dark circles are the most obvious. If necessary, touch up with concealer and blend it until it looks natural!

Next, set your foundation and matt-ify your face by applying loose powder. I am still using the Maybelline one, but I am planning to change it soon! Any brand recommendations?

When that is completed, use the darker shade of brown from your eye-shadow palette to go over your eyelids. If there are smudges beyond your lids, use a Q-tip and a dab of make-up remover to remove it, and then set the area using loose powder w/o foundation depending on how much foundation and powder you have removed.

For the next step, use the pink eye shadow pen to line the outer V-shape corner of your eyes, from the top to the bottom one-third. Then use your preferred eye shadow to blend the brown and the pink together, ONLY for the colours on the upper lid! Don't do it to the water line because we want that to stay clean and pink!

Okay, now it is time to brighten your under eye area using the shimmery white eye shadow! Using another clean eye-shadow brush, pick up some white color shimmer and apply it along your water line. Then blend in the edge of the white with the pink so that there is this natural gradient. 
Since we are trying to create an aegyo sal that is more obvious this time, apply more shimmery white eye shadow to the upper half of your eye bags: it is easier to do if you smile and try to "push up" your under eye fats. 

For myself, I am using the brown section from the nose contouring powder to contour my under eye area to create the "cute eyebags", but if you have a light brown eye-brow pencil, that would be even better! Draw it along the underside of your eyebags, sticking close to the white shimmery section, then blend out the harsh lines with an eye shadow brush!
Line your eyes. I would prefer my eye liner to stay close to my lashline and droop slightly downwards at the corner of my eyes to create the "puppy-eyes" look, but you can line it the way you like! I wouldn't recommend a winged eye-liner or a dramatic flick because it would look a little to dramatic for a princessy look. 

After this, I apply my Maybelline lip balm before concealing my lips with the concealer. Do so by dabbing a small drop onto your lower lip and then using a finger to slowly cover your entire lips. If there are excess, use a tissue to wipe it off!

I am again using the Watsons Collagen lip balm because the color is perfect for this look! Apply it to ONLY the inner lip (i.e. nearer your teeth) area and use your finger to blend it outwards till there is a gradient, from the darker shade of pink nearer your teeth to a very light shade at the edge of your lips.

You may realize that your lip may look a little parched, but worry not! I am going to use the Lip Pure Honey and Lemon lip balm/gloss to go over my entire lip to give it a sparkly and smooth finish! It makes your lips look healthy and hydrated!

I would suggest contouring your nose to give the illusion of high nose-bridge, but that is optional! :)
There you go, princess look for you!

Here is how my end result look like, with editing and filter~~~

I am sorry that I didn't upload a video tutorial for this! I actually really did make one, but I keep having problems with voice over etc so I gave up on it~~~

If you have any queries, just email me at thekiraknight@gmail.com or refer to the video above, is that okay? ^_^

Cheers and till next time, bye~~!


  1. Lovely tutorial, makes me wanna try this look out the next time I do my makeup~
    Thank you for the follow and visiting my blog. Keep it up~ <3

    (P.S: I've also followed you on GFC.)

    Clarie C.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Clarie! I am sure it will look great on you!


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