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HibisKiss Tinted Lip Balm by Crazy Rumors Review

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Range of HibisKiss Tinted Lip Balm by Crazy Rumors
Many of us have probably been using lip balms for the most of our lives without understanding why exactly are lip balms so important. Indeed, we all know what lip balm marketers always tell us:
"They moisturize and protect our lips."
That statement is not incorrect, but it also prompts the question, why is lip care so important?

Let me tell you why.

Lip balm are essential in lip care because of the skin on your lips are unable to secrete sebum, a type of naturally occurring on on the rest of your skin that prevents your skin from becoming too dry. Without the presence of sebum on your lips, the lips on the skin becomes dry and chapped, prompting us to lick them in an attempt to moisturize the lips with our saliva.

Now, you might not know this, but licking your lips is also ironically contributing to your dry lips! This is because when your saliva evaporates from the surface of your lips, it will take away what's remaining of the moisture in the lips, thus leaving it even drier than before!

For the doubtful few, I assure you I am not making this up. In fact, read all about it on Howstuffworks here. See, I actually do my research and not just make up some pseudoscience to persuade you to buy a cart full of lip balms!!

HibisKiss Crazy Rumors 
Thus, today I am going to share with you HibisKiss tinted lip balm by crazy rumors. In short, it is both a lip balm AND a lip tint, hence enabling us to achieve the dual function of moisturizing the lips and giving it an alluring shimmer with just one stick!

Like the Hurraw Lip Balms that I have reviewed previously, HibisKiss balms are available on Pucker.com.sg!

For those of you who are familiar with Crazy Rumors but not as familiar with HibisKiss, the latter is actually a subset of Crazy Rumors, a lovely lip balm brand that also offers interesting lip balm flavors like Crazy Rumors Red Velvet and Grape Bubble.

Crazy Rumors HibisKiss Range
For their HibisKiss range, like the name suggests, it has the sweet scent of the flower hibiscus. Don't worry, it is definitely not overwhelming - just a subtle whiff that makes the lip balm so much more tantalizing as compared to the common smell of petroleum in some other lip balms.

These are the color swatches for Crazy Rumors' HibisKiss tinted lip balms:

HibisKiss color swatches

From left: Pearl, Coral, Breeze, Tropical, Sunrise and Sunset from HibisKiss range
Having tried HibisKiss lip balm in pearl and coral in the past week, I realized that every cent that you spend on this stick of lip balm is worth it.


For one thing, unlike the Watsons Collagen Balm (that was originally one of my favorites as it didn't have any smell, so I liked that) that formed tiny little yucky balls of pink mush when it comes into contact with saliva and friction combined, this balm does not have such an uncomfortable situation happening. 

Not only so, lip sticks without the balm effect tend to dry out the lips and in my case, cause the skin on my lips to peel, which is extremely unsightly because flaky red bits of skin is a really unattractive sight on any day.

As for HibisKiss, it provides a good element of moisture to the lips on top of being very pigmented, hence a few easy swipes with the balm and your lip preparation for going out is all done!

From my personal point of view, there are days where doing the gradient lip make up is suitable for the occasion, like for prom or a party, but on some days, such an elaborate lip make up just seem too over the top. Thus, using HibisKiss' lip balm in any of its shades will be allow you to have healthy lips with a slight shimmer, but still help to keep you looking casual and dressed down.

Not only so, one of the best thing about HibisKiss is probably how you can choose how pigmented you want the color to be! Each application (just one swipe) add on a light layer of the lip balm to your lips, hence you can choose let your lips go sheer and almost nude with just one application, or a more obvious and catchy look with 3 or more applications.

Thus, unlike some lip sticks that give you an intense color whether with one application or many applications, this versatile balm seems like the better alternative!

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Head over to pucker.com.sg now to find a shade of HibisKiss tinted balm that suits you!

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That's all for now lovelies, drop a comment in the comment section below to tell us what is your favorite color for HibisKiss Lipbalm and your favorite way of wearing it!


  1. I think the coral shade is simply lovely! It is a sheer and beautiful color that will look good for everyday wear!

  2. Tropical looks good!


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