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Chinese New Year Make up and Outfit

Chinese New Year is here!! 'Tis the time to be cheerful, fat and beautiful!

In view of the joyous occasion, I spent a literal (mini) bomb on eye shadows from Etude House because they were having a sale!! For every two more expensive eye shadows ($10.90-$11.90) you buy, you get a cheaper one (at $7.90)!

Etude House "Look at My Eyes Jewel"

On top of splurging on beauty products, there are a lot of reasons why we should be happy for Chinese New Year (CNY)...
For one thing, it is the time of the year where it is actually okay to invest in clothes and beauty products. Besides, even though visiting our relatives may be exhausting and tiring, it is also a good opportunity to do all sorts of slightly childish things like....

  1. See who looks prettier
  2. Did anyone from your generation look like they have grown...rounder?
  3. Someone's outfit looks more chic than mine, damn it!

I always feel that it is a boost to ego when you feel like you look pretty good in front of all your relatives, even if they are just relatives and probably don't really care about how you look...

Thus, today's tutorial is going to teach you a radiant and glowing make-up look that will make you look beautiful and at the same time, stand out in the crowd!

2015 Chinese New Year Make-up tutorial
That's the look that we want to achieve! For those of you who scrutinize the photos carefully, you will realize that there is a circular patch on my forehead, and that is Mia Care's Acne Patch which actually works really well, much to my surprise. You can read more about it in my upcoming post, where I will review it in detail!

The reason why I am putting this patch is because using foundation and other make up products on an acne may cause inflammation or worsening of the pimple (like swelling, pus or even infection). By using the patch, it provides a form of protection for the little pimple, I guess?

Okay, from far, it may looks like there is not much change from the other make up, but up close, you can really see the glittering hues of red-orange-pink on the upper eye lid! Look at the photo on the right (with my awkward wink), can you see the lovely hues?

I have labelled the eye shadows below so that you will know which shade I am referring to later on in the tutorial!

Etude House "Look at my eyes" eyeshadow
These are Etude House's "Look At My Eyes Cafe" and "Look At My Eyes Jewel" eyeshadows in the following shades:

  1. Look at My Eyes Jewel OR203: light orangey pink 
  2. Look at My Eyes Cafe PK005: pink 
  3. Look at My Eyes Jewel PK002: Shimmering Rose Gold Scarf 
  4. Look at My Eyes Icing PK001: Strawberry Icing (link unavailable)
Color according to position of eye shadows from left to right.

My impression of the eye shadows?

Beyond wonderful

In short, they are pigmented, they are sparkly but not over the top and they are great for layering on if we want a darker shade! I am not going to bore you by ranting about it now, you can just read my upcoming about these shadows!

Here are the steps to achieving this gorgeous look for this Chinese New Year!

10 Easy Steps
  1. Apply moisturizer or a toner as base, then apply your favorite foundation to provide even coverage. For this tutorial, I am using IOPE air cushion.
  2. Then, apply concealer to the under-eye area as well as to the redness around nose and blend it out well using your ring finger or a small brush.
  3. For the eyes, I am using Number 4 (Strawberry Icing) as a creamy base for the eye lids. Apply a sufficient amount of the eye-shadow by lightly brushing the color onto the eye lids once, then going over it again if necessary! The color should cover only till the top of your eye ball (meaning the point where you can feel your eye ball)
  4. Using Number 2 (from Look at my eyes Cafe), dust some of the pink color onto the shimmery base provided in step 3. For this, try to apply it as close to the lash line as possible, such that when you open your eyes, the color cannot really be seen.
  5. Dipping a clean eye shadow brush into Number 4 (rose gold scarf), give your eyes more depth and length by blending the color into the outer triangular corner of your eyes, and dragging the color out a little to create an extended liner look, only that this is achieved with eye shadow rather than liner. Remember to blend inwards towards the center of the eyeball in order to achieve a gradient-ed hue.
  6. Finally, pick up some of the orange color from Number 1 and apply it along the outer corner of the lower lash line, and apply Number 4 along the inner corner of the eyes for the extra bling!
  7. Using a liquid eyeliner (I am using Silky Girl's) to line your eyes, following the natural curve of your lash line and extending it about 1 cm beyond the end of your eyes. 
  8. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
  9. Contour nose and cheeks, though this is optional.
  10. Pop on your favorite lip stick or balm (I am using HibisKiss) and you are done!

For the dress, I am wearing one of the auspicious red dresses from H&M's Chinese New Year Collection 2015. It is on sale at just $17.90!

I chose this one with sleeve because someone commented my upper arm looked fat and flabby, which was like a major confidence killer. Hence, byebye to sleeves for now...till I tone up my arms!

Alternatively, you can choose any of the following dresses also under H&M:

H&M Bandeau Dress

Looking for a sexy and chic outfit for this new year? Bandeau Dress from H&M may just be the right dress for you! I would say that both the black boots in the photo or strappy stilettos will go well this this dress. Though, if you are feeling extra bold, why not pair it off with knee high cream or black boots?
H&M Drape Dress
 Elegant, classy and with the right amount of sass. H&M's drape dress is not only perfect for the New Year but also a good choice for any important night out. Knee high boots are not recommended here before for one thing, the dress is long and for another, the aforementioned boots may dent the classiness that this dress exudes. If red stilettos are a bit over the top considering the redness of the dress, why not tone down the brightness with pink/cream pumps or heels?

H&M Lace Dress
Intricate lace details on the long sleeves as well as on the body of the dress give a unique twist to what is originally a simple dress. Personally I always feel lace details always suggest a sense of sophistication and sexiness that may be more refined than overt revelation. Peek-a-boo lace? Hell yes. Pair it off with simple black heels to complete the charming edgy look.

With this, we have come to the end of our Chinese New Year Make-up and Outfit tutorial! I hope you have enjoyed this post and also learnt something about dresses and make-up!

Thanks for reading and do drop us a comment down below telling us which is your favorite dress among the three and why! :)

Till next post, ciao!


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