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My Scheming 5 Piece Special Edition

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[Please note that products have been tried for several weeks prior to the review and the review is honest and based solely on my personal opinions without the influence of the sponsors! ^^]

Hey lovelies, sorry for not introducing you girls to anything new for so long, and I will make it up to you all today by sharing with you a special edition of my favourite mask brand...

My Scheming!

Honestly, I have been using My Scheming's amazing masks since early this year (like since the start of January?) and I have to declare to everyone of you here that this mask does wonders to my skin! 


Has it ever pained you that My Scheming masks comes in sets of 10 of the same masks, which means that for people with limited beauty funds like you and I have to spend hours contemplating which box of My Scheming mask we are going to indulge ourselves with?

Hence, My Scheming decided to solve this problem for us by coming up with a brilliant solution:

My Scheming 5 Piece Special Edition!

My Scheming Special 5 piece Edition
Can we take a brief moment to admire the intricate design of just the box? I personally do place quite some emphasis on the packaging as I feel that it reflects quite a bit on how much importance the manufacturer places on his buyers! Here are the goodies inside:

My Scheming Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask
My Scheming Bird's Nest Collagen Hydrating Mask
My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Mask
My Scheming Milk Extract Brightening Mask
My Scheming Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask
All of these masks come together to help you solve your problems of having visible pores (Deep Cleansing and Skin Clarifying), wrinkles (Bird's Nest and Aloe Vera) and uneven skin tone (Milk extract and skin clarifying)!

Can I hear a WOW?

If you were to ask me which one of the above is my favourite, I would probably have to mull over it for a pretty long time and tell you that I pretty much love them all since they have done my skin much good!

I mean each of the masks has its own merits and plus points so it is pretty hard to decide on one favorite one to review on especially...but I shall make the hard decision!

I think one of my most favourite is Milk Extract Brightening Mask! I originally intended to pick Pore Minimizing Mask again, but I have reviewed that before and it would be kind of pointless to re-review it again, right? So I decided to review on my second favourite!

The Milk Extract Brightening Mask, like its name, aims to help those with uneven skin tone to brighten up and even their skin tone, thus giving the overall impression of a balanced and fair skin tone! I mean, can you imagine having a dull and pallid skin tone all the time? Having fair, clear and good is is definitely the foundation to being beautiful!

The Milk Extract Brightening Mask has a lovely, slightly milky scent that is nowhere near to strong or unwelcoming. Next to that, My Scheming Masks always provide 30 ml of essence instead of the more common 20ml and 25ml provided by most of the other mask brands. This essence-soaked mask will hydrate your skin well and enrich it with nutrients, thus improving your skin tone!

Like all other My Scheming masks, this one is also extremely comfortable to use and the mask-period was definitely a great enjoyment! For me, the mask fits very well and does not cause any itching, stinging or discomfort at all.

After removing the mask, I found my skin to be much much clearer, and a little too bright and white, and if you are facing the same problem, worry not! That moment of "too brightness" will not last for too long and your skin tone will return to a healthier and more normal shade of fairness in an hour or two! However, the suppleness in skin remains in the skin for a good day or two and my skin continued to look refreshed and clear for the rest of the day!

Personally, I think that in order to more or less retain the "clear and fresh" look provided by the mask, some skincare steps must be carried out after using the mask such that the nutrients absorbed won't just diffuse back to the surrounding air. I use toner and moisturizer about half an hour after using the mask such that I can retain the pleasant after-effects of using Milk Extract Brightening Masks!

No doubt I am extremely satisfied with this mask and this ENTIRE box of masks as a whole and I won't hesitate to give 5 out of 5 for Milk Extract Brightening Mask and 4.5/5 for the Special Edition Box as a whole!

I definitely will purchase Milk Extract Brightening Mask again once I have the time to go out and shop, and if the 5 piece Edition is present then, trust me that the first thing I would do is to stock up a good five box of them for me to enjoy them slowly through out the year!

Unfortunately for now, the 5 Piece Special Edition has drawn to a close just recently (27th March), but I do believe that due to the popular demand that it holds, the 5 Piece Special Edition would be back soon!

In the mean time, do head over to My Scheming's Facebook Page to like them and keep yourself updated on the frequent giveaway and sampling exercises that their Facebook organizes! You will be missing out on a lot of good things in life if you still haven't become a fan of their page!

Have you tried out the 5 Piece Special Edition yet?

Which one is your favourite? :)


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