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Tied Down

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Tied Down

Shackle my arms and legs then tie me down,
Throw me into the sea and watch me drown.
Crush me breathless against the cold hard ground,
Silently daring me to make a sound.

The child, she suffocates.
There is no way for her to retaliate.
In the end it is a game of trade
and you have used her as a bait.

Pull me up and hack me down,
Bring me up and let me drown.
I lie in my own blood upon the ground.
The pain is intense but I utter no sound.

[Original Poem on Live & Dictate]

**Hmm, my first time trying to make a poem rhyme as a warm-up practice for my sonnet writing (yeah school assignments confines you in every way possible) and I don't really think that I like rhyming that much because it limits the way I express myself, and I just can't think of that many rhyming words, which is pretty sad. I guess this would be one of the only poems I ever write to make it rhyme, somewhat on purpose.

On the other hand, doesn't the first and third stanza sound like something that will come out of a Linkin Park song? ^_^


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