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Clearlab Contacts Review

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Some time ago, Clearlab Singapore had this contest going on on their Facebook Page for people to win two boxes of contact lens (of your choice). You didn't even have to do anything: all that was needed for you to be qualified for the contest was to like their page, and be their fan, and you will stand a chance of being picked.

I was lucky enough to be one of the winners and I didn't even know until like several weeks later when I scroll through their Facebook page again.

To cut the long story short, I chose black contact lens because I felt that that was the most normal and can therefore can be worn to school as I wish! Ahahaha.

Clearcolour Mystic (Black)

I remember when Clearlab told me that I had the privilege of choosing the contact colors I wanted, I was spoiled for choice because of the colors on their color chart were so pretty! I was sorely tempted to choose brown or grey instead of black because my pupils are black and I felt that it would be a refreshing change to wear something different for a while.

So after boring Chinny, Sluggy and Bryan silly with "Which colour should I pick?" on Whatsapp and Facebook Chat respectively, I finally decided on black even though Sluggy suggested brown and Bryan insisted on grey, because I was too chicken to wear those.

Wide range of colors to choose from

You see what I mean? There is such a long list of colors that I spent close to an hour going through all the colors before deciding on black. I can't really remember which black I pick, but I think that it won't really make much of a difference since my pupils are all black anyway.

Clearcolour, Mystic Black
I was given two boxes of contact lenses, one box with degree 4.5 (450) and one with degree 5.0 (500) for each of my eyes and each pair of contacts can be worn for one month! So I decided to invest a little bit and bought a large bottle of Renu Multipurpose Solution since, it is going to be like two month of contact wearing, and I don't think it is worth it to be cheapskate and risk getting eye infections.

Sorry about the blur picture, the lighting was not very good

So here is what I think of the contact lens:

Most important thing to look out for when wearing contact lenses is really the comfort. You are going to put those little things in your eyes and if they are not comfortable, it can cause dry eyes, sore eyes and a lot of other complications.

I found these contact lenses to be very comfortable after I have placed them into my eyes and it feels like they are not there. I don't think they dry up my eyes too much and me who has seldom worn contacts, I felt that it was really quite good.

The lenses are really thin for monthly contacts, which is one of their marketing point, and that makes it even better because it feels like it is part of your cornea and not some horrible intrusive object stuck in your eyes.

I also do think that these contact lenses are relatively easy to wear once you get the hang of it, but the previous time I wore contacts, the lenses were not so thin so for me, it was easier to put them in. However once you get used to the slim contacts that Clearlab provides, there really isn't much of a problem putting them into your eyes!

I love it.

It makes my eyes so much bigger than they actually are, and it gives this shine and more energetic look to my tired deadened eyes. Not only so, it is not entirely obvious when worn, so it gives a more natural look to it.

So here is a photo of myself with the contacts, and try not to be too judgmental or critical kay?

Yes I know, this is my profile picture on Facebook, more publicity for Clearlab! :)

Okay now I really do prefer contact lenses more than glasses and I shall busy myself with trying to find myself contact lens sponsors soon. I know, I am still trying it out because it is really quite costly to maintain contacts and also quite a bit of hassle, but if I decide to wear it, then I will buy myself. For now, I will just live off free contact lens~~

Keke, thanks for tuning in, catch you all soon! (:


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