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Begin With An End

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[Original Poem on Live and Dictate, partially planned]

Begin with an end

I begin this journey with the end in mind,
At the end, I don’t turn back.
It ends, so it ends.
Everything should have an end.

I would not despair,
I would not tear, at that forlorn junction
where we

I won’t hold on to the memories we shared.
Reminders? Sometimes I get reminded,
and it pains me to remember.
But I will forget.

I watch you turn and walk away, without ever
looking back.
Watched for another second, then I left.
I don’t hurt.
It is not in my nature to regret.

So forth, let us walk down this path,
bathed in sunshine and joy
to the end of the sidewalk
where we let go of each other’s hands.
Come, let’s go, I’m prepared.


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