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Not Caring

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Not Caring
(Original Poem on Live & Dictate)

Sometimes you ask me how I am,
And I want to tell you the truth,
but then the words die on my tongue
when I realized that you didn't care anyway.

You asked me if I was all right, if I felt fine,
I wanted to tell you that I hurt and that I miss you
But I looked into your averted eyes,
and realized that you never cared anyway.

Sometimes I want to tell you
about the many things in my life that I want
You, to be part of.
But then I delete all the lines that I typed,
and each word that I wrote
because I know you were not interested anyway.

You ask me how was life for me now,
And I wanted to shout that I missed you,
And that I hurt without you in my life,
And that I am incomplete without you,
But those words never leave my throat,
For you asked but never listened,
Before walking away.


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