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Ode to Ending Loves

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Ode to Ends

As sea turn into rivers, and rivers back into trickles,
We reach the beginning of the end.
The stream; we watch it dry
like the silent words unspoken between you and I.

As inches turn into feet, and feet turn into miles,
I ponder when the last meter would end.
I have a time bomb in my hand.
Ticking, it is ticking away the time we have left.

So, I pray, let it end.
Let this painful, torturous, tedious, energy-sapping
relationship end.
Would I hurt? Would I cry? No-
Would you hurt; and would you cry?

We can't turn back the time, or let it rewind.
If we could, I say, if we could,
I think I would rather not have known you,
to spare you, and maybe myself too, of all these pains.

[Original Poem on Live & Dictate]


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