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Ye Shi Ren Sheng 07/10/12 Recap

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After a stressful day, I wind down by watching Taiwan's makjang, Ye Shi Ren Sheng.

As I have pointed out, one of the plus points of watching a super long show is that you can miss like ten episodes or something and come back knowing that the plot has moved forward by merely an inch. Which is pretty fantastic since I miss like half the episodes of half the show.


Today's episode here is freaking brilliant.

The reason is that one of the most conniving and disgusting characters, Amy, from Ye Shi Ren Sheng got her just retribution when Youhui who busted her engagement announcement by means of a genius plot to make her stand up.
Ye Shi Ren Sheng Amy (left) and her mother (right) who are officially the worst mother-daughter combo on earth.
For those of you who have never watched the drama and have no idea who exactly Atrocious-Amy is, here is something to fill you up. Basically she saved Zhiqiang, a guy whom she wishes to possess more than she loves, from an on coming car which caused her legs to be badly injured. She went through surgery which actually cured her legs and she could walk again, but being the sniveling conniver she is and along with the help of a moral-less surgeon Laifa, they pretended she was still handicapped to force Zhiqiang into marriage out of his overwhelming sense of responsibility.

Which is why I say responsibility is such a irritating thing when it is thrown at you.

So we have close to around 8 episodes watching Amy being totally horribly two-faced: pretending to be a martyr when Zhiqiang is around and then snooping around being his back to do all sort of evil once he wasn't watching. 

These kind of characters always have audiences wishing cancer upon them to wipe that malicious sneer off their powder-caked faces. Haiz. Too bad I am not the director. If I were, I would shorten everyone's suffering by letting her get decapitated by a lift door. Cue Final Destination 2.

Anyway, thanks to Youhui's talent, she thought up of a way to make Yang Amy stand up, and at the same time, have the entire Chen Family and Yang  Family rushing in to witness the unveiling of the disgusting two-sided menace. Got to love how Youhui goads Amy into anger with a taser and then allows Amy to slap her and beat her up...so that when Amy was caught up in the moment of joy with smacking Youhui, the whole two families rush in.

*Dramatic music cue*

So Zhiqiang, the guy whom Amy has thrown away all of her pride to get, calls her out as the evil scheming person she is, and says that he would never let go of Ruyi....M'awwww~~ That was cute. And to make things cuter, Zhiqiang's used-to-be-very-money-minded Dad said that he supports his son decision 100% because he has reflected on his own actions and knew that he was wrong to be such a tyrant. Got to love the Dad here, it is always heart-warming to see people who can reflect and repent...unlike those who thinks that the whole world is in debt to them. *shoots poisonous glare at Yang Amy*

So now Ruyi and Zhiqiang are back together, much to the dissatisfaction of the Evil Plotting Couple of Laifa and Chunchun. It is so ironic that Chunchun means "pure" and "untainted" in Hanja(Chinese) when her character is such a terrible one. I guess people like to have names that are total opposite of their characters.

To be perfectly honest, as much as I like Ruyi because she is one of the kinder and non-scheming ones in the show, her character irritates me quite some because for one thing, she does not have a backbone, and for another, she doesn't seem to fight hard enough for Zhiqiang and her love. At the beginning, and even now, she constantly allows herself to be pushed around by Laifa, and all she does is to yell uselessly and tear up and look accused. That is not going to help your situation much, girl.

While her character has improved a little with time and she has started to fight back against the threats of Laifa, I didn't like how she managed to attain her happiness in the end with so little fight-- without Youhui coming in to tear the mask off Amy, Zhiqiang and Amy would have gotten married and Ruyi would have been well...crying in a corner while wishing everyone happiness and joy.

Her self-sacrificing acts are starting to be a little annoying because it makes her character less real despite how she is supposed  to be this really generous, forgiving pushover  kind of character. But I think even if you are a hopeless pushover, there should still be some sort of self-fulfilling needs, shouldn't there? That's one major problem with A LOT of dramas. All the female leads are always this irritating, self-sacrificing martyr who wishes people joy and happiness even though these people are really the guy she likes and her best friend/frenemy or something. So not realistic.

Anyway, throughout the episodes, we only see Ruyi tearing up and being every self-sacrificial and always avoiding Zhiqiang when the poor guys tries to talk some sense into her. Which is why I don't really feel that she deserve this happiness since she does so little to fight for it apart from crying and running away which so does not do anything to solve the problem.

On the other hand, I love Youhui's character so much more because her character is a very well-developed and realistic one. She is selfish at times, pragmatic too, loyal to those who are good to her and if you ruffled her feathers, she would haunt you to the end of the earth. I mean this is how people are supposed to be like right? Selfishness is an inherent part of humans, and it is quite realistic for Youhui to always weigh the benefits and drawbacks whenever she does something...even if it is something like marriage. For one, she planned to marry Dafeng the rich tycoon because he was rich and could give her the financial aids she needed to stabilize and develop her business. However, all the time she was at war with her self: happiness or wealth? She eventually picked happiness and ditched Dafeng during the wedding (haiz) and went for Haotian (whom I don't really like). But whatever, Youhui is a solid character in terms of her behaviour and I applaud her feisty nature and a strong sense of pride since she does not allow people to bully her without a retribution back from her. 


I have no idea why I am recapping a drama episode....but I hope you all enjoyed reading it!


  1. /hey, do u which episode is this?

  2. Replies
    1. Mmm sorry not very sure. I just watched it yesterday, but I can find out next saturday...sorry haha:)

  3. Youhui should die - a terrible death - one scheming seducer!

  4. Youhui is my fav. Character ! So real n smart :)

  5. Ruyi is incredibly annoying and weak . Totally uncool

  6. You Hui belongs to the same gang as Amy, Laifa and Jin Dafeng...Evil

  7. Hello! Thanks for all the comments you guys shared, I enjoyed reading them!
    Personally I can empathize with Youhui because I find her character real, and not a caricature like some others, example, Ruyi. ;)


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