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A Hodge-podge of things!

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I haven't blogged for so long that I realized that there is a lot of things that I want to update you guys on, especially since A LOT of things happened lately and I can't get my head around them so quickly.

To begin with, the most fantastic piece of news ever would be that the trees-killing EOYS finally ended with a whimper, that is Maths 1 (or E-maths). Everyone was turning green thinking that the paper was going to be really tough, and then, the paper was relatively manageable, much to our delight and relief.

So...my overall view on the EOYS go something like that:
1. Higher Chinese: Major frowns, no good at all.
2. Language Arts: I am surprisingly pleased with this subject because I managed to complete both paper one and two on time, and I sort of didn't expect it because I used to have to always rush and rush and kill myself during the last few minutes of the paper because it is just that time-lacking.
3. Integrated Humanities: TERRIBLE. As you can tell from my previous rant on the terrible IH, you would guess that I really hate it.
4. Integrated Maths 2: Ummos, okay bahs. Quite hard lehs.
5. Chemistry: Medium hard. Section A is really really tough and section B was middle hard.
6. Biology: Section A was managable and Section B was really non-contextualized and pretty hard. I was secretely pleased though (Phiephie too) because we didn't revise almost half the topics and we are pleased that for those who memorized word for word, you can't regurgitate! Ha! :D Kay lar, feel sorry for you, but all the same, uh...good job!
7. Physics: Medium hard section B, Section A was tough. 
8. Maths 1: It was quite simple. :)

Anyway, me, Phiephie, Wennie and Nehceh went to the Wheelocks to eat Sakae Sushi and we also went to Bugis Street and Bugis Junction to shop. Quite fun for the first two hours, and then all of us got really tired while strolling in Bugis Junction and kept looking for places to sit.

Here are some photos from that day!

The Pretty Waterworks! :)
 I always wonder why the whole place doesn't just flood from the amount of water being sloshed around, while Phie pointed out that the people in Middle East would be angry to see so much water used for decorative purposes when they barely have enough to drink. Haiz. Maybe this water is just one gallon of sea water. Should try tasting it some time.

Great Bugis Junction!

Extremely adorable stuffed toys! <3
Another picture!

Photo from Bugis Street. There is an obsession with studded material nowadays.

Beautiful Chocolates! Aren't these cute?


For T-shirt Printing!

Print a shirt?

LCD board thingy that one can write then erase! Phie and I had some fun with it!

Elegant clock! I like it! So does Phie.:)

Home is not home till both parents are back! <3

This. Is. A. Freaking.Cool. Clock. Director's clock!

Time Bomb Clock! Best for exams ha~~!

Simple and beautiful clock! <3

Vintage feel?


Adorable penguin of death!

These are actually sweets. .___.

Fantastically cute travel memo pad!

Clearer Shot!

Evil owl! It's a light-up owl eyes pen!

Floppy and soft calculator?

Touch-PENCIL-CASE calculator. Cool stuff!

Calculator ruler. Should get this for Mr Ang. :D

Music Box Telephone booth. Phie and I were smitten by it!

The thing that Nehceh bought for S1 is now costing $9.95! :O:O

Adorable pills for messages! But I can get them at 1/6 of the price they are selling!

Aww! Love postage-themed items!

These is cute! <3

Pretty earrings! But I have no earholes! :(

Very fine necklaces! I like the black-silver one in the middle of the second row. :)

Phie likes these type of flip-watches. I think she wants to be a pirate. ;D

Totally cute Nikkon DSLR cameras USB drives! Want one!

Clearer Shot!

My smile is awkward because my teeth were chattering from the cold before we got out. Same goes to Phie. :D

A tough cute meowww cookie from Jumpy! Does not break at all!

I popped it into my mouth eagerly....BLEAARGH THE ICING TASTED YUKS!!! :((((
Will be blogging somemore tomorrow! Stay Tuned! <3



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