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Class Outing Sentosa Trip 2012

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The school asked us to go out together as a class for an outing after the exams, so as far as the tyranny of the majority goes, Sentosa was the pick (for most). When I heard the choice, I was full of complaints and grumbles, and some element of intense disbelief like "WHAT ON EARTH IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?!"

Why did we choose to go Sentosa in the hottest of hot days in Singapore to be exposed to the blazing ball of fiery sun?

Okay fine, admitted the trip itself was not bad, and somewhat close to fun, because I managed to work myself up into a state of excitement thinking that I can probably find some shade on the beach and then hobo there for the rest of the time. That didn't happened, and the result of the trip was a massive headache, bloated and uncomfortable stomach, and a pair of legs that ached so much that I wish that they weren't mine.

That's not the worst thing yet.

Because I felt so uncomfortable with my bloated tummy and this weird feeling of choked-ness in my gastrointestinal track that I had to go to the toilet and stick my finger into my throat to induce vomiting to get rid of the gross junk food that I ingested to clear my stomach in order to fall asleep. I tell you, if you think normal throwing up is bad, self-induced vomiting is twice the horror because you know that you are going to damage all your esophagus epithelial lining by having upped your stomach acid (and semi-digested food), and you still have to have the horror of gagging on your own finger trying to make yourself puke.

When my stomach finally heaved, it won't stop heaving, so I managed to get rid of quite some gross stuff that I regretted even eating in the first place. The terribly disgusting flow was bitter with bile and sour with stomach acid (sorry, you can skip this gross part), and my stomach hurt from the uncontrollable heaving (and my nose suffered from the nasty smell). Finally, my poor abused stomach ceased its strong clenching and the nightmarish session was over.


It too me two teeth brushing sessions and at least ten gargles to make my mouth taste that much better, and by then I was so exhausted that I collapsed onto my bed. It was like 10.30pm then, and for your information again, I went to bed at 8.30pm and started feeling unwell at 10pm, so that entire "stomach-cleansing" took me half at hour. After I returned to bed, I still couldn't sleep because my head hurt so bad, like this tight squishing feeling inside my skull that for some weird reason, makes me unable to breathe properly. Not only that, my legs hurt terribly and no matter how I position them, there was this sore achy pain that kept me almost breathless in pain.

Terrible, I tell you, terrible.

And by the way, I DO NOT have BULIMIA or ANOREXIA (people weighing over 50kg with my height can't be anorexic, okay?) and this is the first time I had to induce vomiting because my stomach was feeling so nasty. I don't advocate the idea of puking up your food after you eat JUST FOR the sake of not absorbing the carbs or to get slim, that is terrible because you can get throat cancer from the burnt epithelial lining. BUT, I do suggest that if you think you ate something really bad or toxic, then please do go throw it up instead of letting it be digested and assimilated into your system, and THEN circulated throughout your whole body. That is even worse then the throwing up.

Surprisingly, my throat wasn't that bad as I thought it would be- I sort of expected by throat to be really grainy (you know, from the acid burn) and painful, but that didn't happen, maybe my mucous cells are really smart lined my throat extra well when I started sticking my finger into my throat? But I did had lots of phlegm that was not entirely comfortable either as they made breathing difficult for me when lying down.

Overall, nasty nasty and nasty. I should eat much much less next time.

So let's begin with the happier memories and some photos!

 We took a tram from the entrance place to go to Palawan beach, and my class of 36 people (32 went) had to squeeze themselves into the two carts! The people in the second cart (plastered against the window) are my classmates, and they are holding bagfuls of food!

Bottom left corner, Wennie trying to dodge my camera by clapping a hand on her cheek and pretending to admire the view. Next to her, the barely visible Chinny mimicking her move.

See the shade? That's where we set up our mats and placed our bags. Nehceh brought her mat, and we used it, and a bird either puked or pooed on her mat, soiling with the mat and poor HQ's bag. Nehceh was so irritated with birds that she went into this tirade on "This is exactly why I hate birds!" and fuming that she should chop down the tree we were under. That was quite amusing.

The bird tells her not to "bite the tree that gives you shade" (bite the hand that feeds you).

So there was this, "Does anyone had tissue?" thing going on to clean it, and unfortunately I had tissue in my hands and god, I stepped forward to clean it despite that fact that I was EATING a pizza slice at the same time and that is like, so unhygienic. What pissed me off was that I cleaned it and all JQ did was like, "Don't litter. No, you don't litter." when I placed the tissue by a rock. Like, if you are so good at ordering people around with their tissue, why don't you step here and clean it? Instead of standing by the side, watching on with your arms crossed and being like, "Don't litter."

Yeah yeah, I know, "Don't litter" is right, but people who don't clean shouldn't say it either. It was really annoying at that point of time and I almost blew up (tempted to throw the tissue at her). 

But after a while, my irateness was gone and her quills seem to soften so everything was cool again and we went to the opposite island together.

Afterwards, Nehceh had to use more water and tissue to sort of wash the spot, while HQ came back to clean up her soiled school bag. 

The blinding sun and the burning beach and the sparkling water (too bad, you can't see from the picture).

I think I made this picture more saturated in the blue to show the sky color...And Phiephie pointed out that being a life guard is quite a relaxing job when there is nobody around. True words I say.

Some Caucasian guys were playing touch rugby on the beach, and they are like oh-my-god-so-tall, and Phiephie said that we shouldn't even look at them lest they feel that we are annoying and come beat us up, haha~

 That white construction thingy thing actually saved my day (or pants) because after a while, we decided to walk in the shallow waters of the sea, and I didn't expect the sand to be so hot, so when I took off my slippers, I was like, "Ouch ouch hot hot!!" and ran towards the sea...and soaked myself from wait down. Cough Cough.

Luckily for me, Chinny had an extra shirt, and I had my school skirt, so I wore her shirt and my skirt while I left my soaking wet garments on the white canvas to air (or bake?) dry under the sun.

Amazing Sentosa Palawan beach! :D

Sparkling water of Palawan beach!

My favorite photo of the view at Palawan Beach of all times! So beautiful!

Love the crooked coconut tree too!

Paradise in Singapore?

Thought this was so pretty! So many fallen leaves, like some of my fallen hopes, fallen expectations, but hopeful too because leaves will grow again! :)
 Such a beautiful sight!

The famous Korean Chicken Game!
 I have no idea why, but most of our games are so Korean-ish, like the chicken game, and the Running Man game. Ever since Running Man started, everyone keep playing Running Man, which seems to be fun only when you are competing with Big Bang (since you can um have some close contact ahahaha~ *awkward laughter*)

"Aww man, I lost," mopes Jianing.

Artistic shot? :)
Anyway, Phiephie and JQ and I went to the opposite beach and I saw lots and lots of tiny little holes in the ground that would have small pebbles of sand surrounding it. I was still wondering what lives in it when this small crab popped out from the hole and scuttled across the sand like a gross spider. Did I ever mention how much crabs look like spiders? Freaking disgusting! I screamed 5 times in a row when I realised that the whole beach was full of such holes (meaning full of such spider like crabs) and scurried for my slippers. I thought JQ was being a mean-bean by yelling at me again, hey I was bare footed and one of those pincer-bearing menaces could have clipped me!

Decidedly the only crabs I like are the cooked ones on my dinner plate.

During the outing I ate 3 slices of pizza (at different times), some chips, some potato wedges, some nuggets, soft drink and um chocolates. That is really quite...some food.

Overall, I had an unlucky day concerning water, because when we were about to be dismissed, Phiephie and I went to wash our feet, and I pushed the wrong button and turned on the shower instead and doused myself in quite a bit of water. I managed to dry up a little, and we headed to Vivo City to rest then take a train back.

Vivo City is really really cool, and I love Daiso inside more than anything else. Daiso is going to be my favourite shopping area, replacing Value Dollar...ha! :D I am such a cheapskate!

We shared a meal of chicken pieces at Long John Silver, and rested up while contemplating and complaining about JC life. We were shocked to hear from our seniors who came back to talk to us that some of them actually scored S(subpass) and U (ungraded, meaning fail) in exams. I mean, I am probably no smarter than them, so can I actually prevent myself from scoring Subpasses and Ungradeds? I know I can't, but I would have to work hard to ensure that I don't screw up too badly.

Afterwards, we headed to Daiso where Phiephie got herself a large bottle of green tea (that contains almost no sugar according to her) while I contemplated whether I should buy double eyelid stickers. I didn't buy that in the end, but I want to go back someday to get myself woolen socks to wear when I go back to China for holiday. :) I also liked a lot of the desk stuffs they had there, they were really cool, pretty and of course I love the fact that they are all S2! :)

Finally, we took this really crammed train back home, and god, we were packed like sardines! My legs hurt so bad and we had to stand, which was like so tiring with my heavy bagpack, and there was this annoying woman who is being idiotic by tsking out loud when we squeezed past her. I bet she refused to move further into the carriage because she wants convenience for herself, yet she still dares to make noise when others are moving in to allow more people to board. Such people...haiyos.

Thinking aback, it was really quite fun, but I think I would have done better to walk around less and eat much less, so that I wouldn't have been so sick the day after. And that reminds me, Wennie is a terrible little meanie because instead of showing compassion for the sick (aka me), she was like "I know it" to Phiephie when I called in sick. Like what do you mean by you know it, huh? That I would throw up for half an hour? Blearrrgh. If I had wanted to ditch, I would have ditched the Sentosa trip instead of lessons, isn't it? Anyway, I am gonna confront her tomorrow and ask her the meaning behind her not very nice "I know it" and see what she can cook up for me. Ha! *raises eyebrows*

Some more she told Phiephie that I could "Fang ma guo lai" which is like, "Come at me, Bro" in chinese. Tsk. If I don't squish her into a pudding tomorrow, I am not a banana, okay! So yes, I will definitely pound that smelly egg tomorrow~~! :D

See you guys, and please do give Wennie a good poke in her tummy fats when you see her around!


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