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Latest Haul!

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I went to West Mall Shopping Centre with Mom today for dinner, and it was pretty fun (and a little bit tiring) because my legs hurt from my spurt of exercise the day before. 

I have gotten new shoes for myself because my old and only pair of convenient slippers was falling apart after one year of shuffling around. For your information, I possess 3 pairs of shoes for out of school wear: a pair of slippers, a pair of (grand-looking, slightly heeled) flats and a pair of 3.5inch heels. 

I love this pair of shoes! It is such a pretty pretty white! <3 Costs $29.95 which is a little expensive (since I am paying for it myself) but my mum offered to sponsor me $15! Mom is so sweet!

One more closer shot? :D
One more to flaunt my feet? Pretty (huge) feet?
I borrowed four books to read today! Because I decided that it is non-nutritional to be watching Korean Dramas or telly all day, so I might as well use the time to improve my language and also broaden my knowledge while at it! :D

Book 1 is Winterland!
It is supposed to be a suspense sort of mystery novel, and I guess it should be a pretty good read? :D

Book 2 is the Coming Jobs War!
It is economics sort of book which is pretty cool i guess, but no, that does not mean that I plan to take economic in JC. I am really reading this so that I appear knowledgeable since Phie, Wennie and Nehceh are taking it and I wouldn't want to be left out of their conversations do I?

Book 3 is The Priest.
I love the blurb! I love the blurb! It says something about this killer that goes around branding people with cross before sending them on their way to be with "God" I think? It gives me the feel of Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, which I really loved. :)

 Book 4: The Modern Book of Horror Stories
I vaguely remember myself borrowing this book once, and was decidedly unimpressed by it the other time after reading one mere story, but recently I am up for some spooks so I am gonna read this again! With a positive and open mindset and also with some creepy music and um...lighting? :)

I realized that as I grow older, it has become harder and harder for me to find books that I really want to read, as oppose to when I was a kid, where I would really just read everything and anything and eagerly devour all sorts of reading materials. I would like to think that it is really because my mind has become more developed and that is why I am now doing some form of careful selection instead of just "hu lun tun zao-ing" all content.

Some guilty little part of me wonder if this is the effects of having an internet and a computer: those make me much more lazy than I was before in Primary School, because after I become close friends with my laptop/PC, I stop visiting my mini book-collection as much. Argument goes that each of the book in my collection has been read by me at least 6-7 times and I could probably narrate the story without breaking a sweat, but there are times which I still suspect that it is really just me, becoming lazy and lazier.

Just to share, when I was in P6, I had this obsession with mystery novels, but I read the books by Hardy Boys and Secret Seven only, and adamantly refused to read Famous Five books and Nancy Drew books out of my skewed loyalty for my "maiden mystery books series". I saw Nancy Drew mystery books as a competitor of Hardy Boys mystery books, and since I had a distaste for girls in primary school, I naturally took sides with Hardy Boys. As for Secret Seven, I am a loyal supporter of them simply because I picked up a copy of Secret Seven before Famous Five, and since then, I went through tonnes of Secret Seven books, because boy, those are really fantastic!

As I type now, I realize that I really did (and still do) adore Secret Seven books, because I love their meeting hut and also the fact that their moms always prepare stuff for them to snack on. I learned a lot from the Hardy Boys books, one fact that stuck with me was that if someone had a nicotine overdose, you had to feed him some charcoal thingy. :)

Turn Sec1-2, I started liking romance novels, especially those which involved TONS OF MISUNDERSTANDING between the female lead and the male lead, and better yet, have them hurl hurting word which neither means to each other, and hopefully one of them gets caught cheating on the other party, because I am that sadistic. I like that "we-are-misunderstanding-each-other-so-let's-hurt-each-other-streak" even in dramas, because...I am sort of masochistic and I think it makes the story more real.

Now I no longer like romance novels, because non of the romance novels I have read focus enough on the emotional developments, and instead the male and female lead prefer to just tear each others' clothes off and have a steamy night together. It is unappetizing and the books sounded more or less like each other, though some of the cooler ones like Gambler's Woman is better at the emotional section. (However, Gambler's Woman really made me feel nauseous reading the kinky parts, despite the well portrayal of a overly-jealous boyfriend.)

I really really love science-fiction books, especially those that are about seemingly Utopian worlds that are actually pretty Dystopian. For example, Robocalypse is a darn fantastic book, and so is Angels and Demons, Deception Point, Digital Fortress and Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I loved all those books so much, and I love that after reading  them, I feel so much more knowledgeable and also smarter, giving me the ability to write better Argumentative essays. :)

Okay enough of the long rant. 

Back to the stuff I got when I was out with my friends. :D

Nail Tip Guide! Perfect for Creating French Nails! <3
This is the cute nail palette with very very adorable animal cuttings for nails! :D
The one I did. The white part is really screwed because I had lousy white polish, so it form this terrible layer that won't peel properly. :( And all my nail polish remover evaporated because there was a crack in the bottle. :(
Spiky Hair Band
The really really cool hairband I got at Bugis Street for $4. I found it a bit expensive, but I am really liking the tiny spikes on the hairband, it feels rockerish and cool, and yet subtle enough at the same time because it is quite small. You should have seen the large long spikes! Phie shuddered at those delicately.

I told my gang that one of the coolest thing about wearing that was that should anyone irritate me, I would just headbutt them hard in their fats/abs and cause them much pain! Ha~~! :D

End of rant, people! :)


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