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Dash of Sadism

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Finally! The horrible trio of language based subjects, Language Arts, Chinese and Humanities, are over! While Chinese is still coming back to haunt me again next week with its paper 2, I am going to spare myself from the stress till the day before.

I shall now proceed to my main point of the day, "Humanities teacher really have a dash of sadism in them."

Alright alright. No hasty generalizations. Humanities teachers who set the cursed EOY paper have a dash (maybe 2 dashes) of sadism in them. If only they were a bit kinder to cats, dogs, rats, trees and STUDENTS, they won't make the whole poverty-based question based on the sole disgustingly narrow focus of...


Seriously? Did you guys know that for all of us here who studied poverty situation in South Africa and Northwest China, very very few of us actually learned trade because it is so complicated and nasty and brain-cell-damaging and MASSIVE as a sub-topic that it is cast aside. There are so many other things you can test for poverty. I shall be hard working and name you the logn list of possible questions:

  • Apartheid in South Africa
  • HIV/AIDS in South Africa
  • Quality of Education in South Africa
  • Corruption in South Africa if you really really want to see your students throw up blood
  • Environmental degradation in NW-China
  • Lack of Education in NW China
  • One child policy in NW China
  • Lack of Infrastructure in NW China
The list goes on alright? To be really fair, all the South Africa stuff and NW China stuff does actually take up 2/3 of the whole chapter, and to be even fairer, TRADE is not even really part of poverty! TRADE IS TRADE yo. Poverty is lack of money yo. By the way that trade is like in Sub-Saharan Africa, which is not even South Africa, how...how could you do this? =weeps=

When I saw the question, "Trade.....poverty...." (can't remember exact question, sorry). I was so crushed and defeated and felt so cheated that my mind went blank. I think the blow was so great that I felt my breath being knocked out of me, and this is way worse than any situation whereby you find out that the smelly boyfriend of yours have actually been dating another girl for a while which is why he refuses to answer your smses asking him to shower up. *cringes at the irrelevance* It is even worse than being back-stabbed by  a friend whom you think is your best friend but it turns out that she is a spy from your evil conniving aunt. Yes, the damage done to me was that great when trade, of all things was picked for the poverty section.


Poverty in South Africa/ NW China was the only thing that I actually studied in careful detail for EOYS. I didn't even glance through Trade. I was like what are the odds of having trade coming out? Our humanities teachers aren't that cruel are they?

Oh-ho! I am so disappointed in your lack of love for adorable little animals like your students.

I could totally imagine this:

All the IH teachers sit together in a very dim, secretive and not to mention dark room plotting what type of question would students least anticipate? Ahaa! They got it! It must be trade, suggested the Head of Evil while the Minions of Evil chimed in their agreement. Raucous laughter rings throughout the room as the Evils clinked their glasses of whiskey together in a toast, glad to find a way to demolish their innocent, puppy poverty-in-africa-and-china-loving students. The joy of finding a question that serves as an elevator to Hell! The Head of Evil barked out a spiteful laughter, what else can they do to torture this book-gobbling worms? A Minion shouted out, "Let's scrape National Identity altogether!" Screeches of pleasure sounded all around the table and cheers erupted as each Minion ran scenes of the students impending demise through their heads, and shudder with pleasure. The Head of Evil took a puff on her hooka and nodded in sadistic approval.

This is how it should be like, she thought.

Every exam should be this...warped. =smirks=

YES! That should be how IH teachers set the paper!
Okay okay that's all for now, I am going to eat something to placate my grumbling tummy.


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