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Hey everyone!
Did you guys noticed that my Haru Haru and Crayon review have disappeared? :D
Well, I have just opened a new blog recently with a Facebook friend and it is called the Drama and MV Dictator (D&M for short) to explore my interest of watching and reviewing dramas and MVs further.

Because nowadays I watch mainly Korean dramas and listen to mostly Korean songs, the bulk of the reviews would be focusing on Korean songs and dramas, though dramas might come later after 7th of November when I am more free. :)

However, recently I watched Queen of S.O.P. (no idea what SOP means, don't ask me), and I am very very tempted to do a drama recap for it, and I most likely will....after 7th November. :D Speaking of which, if you are a Korean or Taiwan drama/MV fan and enjoys commenting on stuff, please email me at thekiraknight@gmail.com because we are currently recruiting more editors to help man the blog. Uh...since this is purely recreational, no remuneration will be given to you, hehes, but! If we managed to hit over 500 views daily, then I can probably share a bit of the money from the advertisements (if we have any?)

Currently using this Big Bang Banner! Think it is beautiful!
 Have 2 more though...
G-D! from Crayon!

Going Crazy by Song Ji Eun

Tell me, which do you all like the most? :D The Big Bang one, the G-Dragon one or the Song Ji Eun one?

I am also planning to do recaps on Queen of S.O.P. which i just watched recently because I think it is a fantastic drama, and also on Full House Take 1 because IT IS SO HILARIOUS WAHAHAHA~~! :D

So what are you waiting for? Head over and help support Drama & MV Reviews right now! <3



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