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Hwa Chong Notes Sale: Biology, Chemistry, Maths,

Hello all! A-levels are finally ending in a couple of days and I need to clear out all my JC materials!

This is the time where you guys can come in and buy Hwa Chong Junior College Notes at really good prices! Please note that all the prices stated below are for your consideration, and further negotiations are possible! And, the more you buy, the cheaper I will sell! ^_^

Pictures of the items will be made available to interested buyers, please feel free to email thekiraknight@gmail.com!

1. BINDED Hwa Chong Chemistry Lecture Notes
- Foundation Chemistry (J1: Stochiometry, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding)
- Physical Chemistry 1 (J1: Chemical Equilibrium, Reaction Kinetics, Chemical Energetics)
- Physical Chemistry 2 (J2: Ionic Equilibrium, Electrochemistry)
- Organic Chemistry 1 (J1: Intro, Alkane, Alkene, Alkyl Halide, Arenes)
- Organic Chemistry 2 (J2: Alcohol/Phenol, Nitrogen, Carb Acids, Carb Compounds)
- Inorganic Chemistry (J2: Transition metals, periodicity, group II and VII)
- Qualitative analysis booklet + tutorial attached (unbinded, booklet form)
- Solubility Product Booklet + tutorial (booklet form only)
* Bulk Purchase of all J1 booklets OR Bulk purchase of all J2 booklets is available
*Bulk Purchase of everything (all J1+ J2) is also available
2. Tutorial Booklets for all mentioned topics above

3. Planning booklets + Solutions
- Planning Guidebook
- Planning Workbook 1, 2 and 3
- Planning Summary of all Skills and apparatus  (very good and important list)
*Planning summary and apparatus can be bought separately

Ten Year Series
4. Chemistry TYS 2003-2012, 10% done
5. Chemistry TYS 2004- 2013 70% done + answers by publisher
6. Binded Hwa Chong based TYS answers 2003-2012

Prelim Papers
7a. Hwa Chong Prelim Papers + Block Tests, answers all included, 2010-2013
7b. Binded 2014 Other School Prelim Papers (6 sets) 20% done, answers included
8. 2013 other school prelim papers, both print and digital available,
9. Brand New 2013 Topical Revision Package, answers in digital format, free of charge!
10. 2014 Pre-prelim revision package (synoptic revision), almost new, answers in digital format, free of charge

11. BRAND NEW Chemistry Challenging Drill Questions (price:$15, UP: $27)
12. BRAND NEW Chemistry Challenging Drill Answers (price: $25, UP: $48)

13. Inorganic Chemistry made easy by George Chong 99% new
14. Chemistry A-level Study Guide (yellow colour)

15. H2 Chemistry Summary Notes: all Chapter
16. H2 Chemistry Organic Summary of all reactions + acidity/ basicity explanations

17. Chemistry in Context by Graham Hill and John Holman, 6th edition

18. All worksheets (completed, filed)

1. All J1 Maths Lecture Notes + Tutorials
2. All J2 Maths Lecture Notes + Tutorials
3. All Revision Booklets
4. Other school Prelim Papers 2014 (binded booklet)
5. Maths A-level Challenging Drill Questions
6. Maths A-level Challenging Drill Questions - Solutions Book
7. H2 Maths Topical Practice
8. A Comprehensive Guide H2 Maths, Volume 1
9. A Comprehensive Guide to H2 Maths, Volume 2
10. A-level TYS (2004-2013)

1. All J1 Lecture Notes + Tutorials + Practicals + Tests SOLD OUT
2. All J2 Lecture Notes + Tutorials + Practicals + Tests SOLD OUT
3. Biology TYS by Chapter 2013 version
4. Biology TYS by Year 2014 version
5. Biology Other school papers (binded booklets, more information can be retrieved via emailing me)
6. Campbell Biology 9th edition


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