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Hada Labo Air BB Review

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Hello beauties! After a long break from blogging due to my other commitments, I am back today with a fantastic product!

Hada Labo Air BB in Natural Beige
Many of you may already be familiar with this brand because it is endorsed none other than the gorgeous Jung Ji Hyun from the Korean Drama "My love from Another Star". She is also currently my favorite actress...so that might be part of the reason why I bought this!

Jung Ji Hyun: global ambassador of Hada Labo

Now, like most skin-care products on the market today, Air BB by Hada Labo claims to have TEN-IN-ONE functions because having just one function is simply not enough in the competitive beauty market today. Everyone wants to have a miracle product where it solves all of your skin woes, and you guys need to be aware that even though some products claims to have 10 or 20 functions, they don't actually deliver.

Thus, better to have one effective function than 10 empty claims, right?
Hada Labo Air BB Review

Here are the 10 things that Hada Labo Air BB promises to do for you. Feel free to zoom in on the label of the box to read the ant-size prints!

10-in-1 function of Hada Labo Air BB
After several uses since I bought the product (no, I am not sponsored for this, so you can trust my opinions fully), here is what you may want to know about the 10 functions.

1. Brightens Complexion
Promise delivered.

Like most foundation and BB cream, this will help you to lighten your skin tone to become fairer and thus more radiant, which means that you will have less dullness in the skin.

Personally, I like how there is a choice of "Ivory Beige" and "Natural Beige" for you to choose from, even though I don't understand why ivory beige seems to be slightly darker (to me). Choosing the shade closer to your natural skin tone will allow your skin to look naturally more dewy without having the face-neck color disparity.

2. Perfects Skin Tone
I am saying such a claim is rather dubious because how exactly will one define what is "perfect skin tone"? To what extent can the skin tone actually be perfected? I am not too sure about this aspect, I just know that BB creams in general make you look like you have better skin.

3. Conceals Dark Spot
Promise delivered...kind of.
On the topic of coverage of the Air BB, I feel that it is generally not that bad since the product consistency is thicker (but not heavy), and the color is pretty pigmented so yes it will help you conceal smaller spots by having this layer of "skin color" pigment over it. Nonetheless, I don't think it is very useful against larger spots or spots that are really dark. You can choose to apply the BB cream over it again, but my suggestion is that you mix the BB cream with concealer in 1:1 ratio and cover the spot! :)

4. UV Protection
No idea.
Not saying that this function is a lie, but there is no sure way for me to find out since I am definitely not going to just slather on the BB cream and sit under the sun to test, "Oh yes I am not yet burnt".
But, if the promise of SPF 50 is true, then I feel that you are good to go!

5. Hydrate Skin
Not much. Maybe just a little.
I have higher standards for products when it comes to the hydration of skin, because making your skin oily is VERY different from hydrating it. By hydration, your skin is supposed to feel more moisturized and thus fresher, but hardly any BB cream gives you such a feeling, especially those with good coverage. If you want a product that hydrates the skin, I would recommend Klarity CC Lotion. It is unbeatable (so far) in terms of hydrating and moisturizing.

6. Anti-aging + 9. Anti-oxidant
No idea.
Here are 2 more claims that we can't really prove till ten years down the road...if you are still using the air BB that is. Not only so, many things may cause/slow down aging, like your diet and other habits. Thus I feel that it would be wise to not place too much emphasis (as consumers) on these 2 claims, even though I really like the fact that I am using a product that helps me with anti-aging, my suggestion is to not purchase it because of this claim.

7. Oil Control + 8. Minimize Pores
I don't think effective oil control is possible for most products, especially not when you are living in Singapore because the weather is really really hot and humid. So by the time you reach the destination, most of the BB cream on your face might have disappeared along with your sweat when you were wiping your brows. Even after applying the BB cream, my face got oily really fast anyway.

Minimizing of pores...not so much as minimizing as just filling in the pores, I think? Overall the skin looks smoother (definitely!) because you have a layer of little particles to even out the skin and bumps on the skin!

10. Whitening
Yes and "not really".
When we speak of whitening, there are really two types: instant whitening of the skin upon application and long-term whitening of the skin (usually for skin care products). For this BB cream and most other BB creams/CC cream/ foundation you use, the whitening effect is really just the instantaneous kind...that disappears after a while or when you remove it.
Thus for whitening upon application, I do feel that Air BB has done a great job, whilst for long term whitening, I won't really know, and I definitely don't expect it to. Perhaps, it may help you maintain a fairer skin tone because of the SPH50 offering UV protection, but probably not to the extent of whitening a skin shade! ^^

Overall Comments
Indeed, a lot of you have pointed out to me that I always seem more strict and picky with the items I bought myself, whilst I tend to appreciate sponsored products more. Yes, I agree with you that it may seem that way because:

  • If I am the one spending the money, of course I would expect more and try to reflect on what went right/wrong with my expenditure! If I always find everything I buy that good without really thinking about the shortcomings, I would probably aggregate a lot of useless things at home.
  • For things given to me to try, since they are free, I am already in a fantastic mood and trust me, most of the products I have been given so far are actually really good. That's because I don't write for things that I have no faith in. Yep. xD

So for Hada Labo Air BB, I will give it a 4/5 even though I said many of the promises won't be delivered, I really like it as a day to day foundation replacement. Smell wise, there is not much to fuss over, and the price is still affordable (about $20 from Watsons/Guardian). Rather than using cheaper and thus more dubious products on your face, I feel that this is a good investment! 

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