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Guardian 3-Step Nose Pore Pack Review

 Hey girlfriends! Today you are in for another review: the Guardian 3-Step Nose Pore Pack!

Guardian 3-Step Nose Pore Pack Review
Many of us have been troubled by black heads and white heads on our nose for as long as we can remember. The situation differs from person to person: at worst it becomes a source of embarrassment because it seems like we are being flippant in terms of personal hygiene, when that's actually not the case!

Personally, I have tried a variety of black-head removing methods such as exfoliating wash, nose-pore strips....none of them seem to be able to get rid of black heads permanently. My nose always become really clean post treatment, but a day later, the black heads are BACK. Again.

Thus, the sight of the 3 step pore pack excited me because y'unno, three steps sounds like a very thorough cleansing procedure!

In short, the three steps include:
  • Softening blackheads
  • Removing blackheads
  • Refining Pores
Softening blackheads
This is how the mask for softening blackheads look like: it is like a facial mask, just a smaller one cut in the shape for nose.

I can't tell if it really softens my blackheads, I mean my whole nose feel damp, but logically water would do the same job right? In a way, my nose feels fresh, but I can't really tell if that is supposed to be the point.
This is followed by the nose pore strip, which is just like your usual Biore Nose Pore strip, except it is pink and fancy looking.
Nose Mask
This is followed by the nose pore strip, which is just like your usual Biore Nose Pore strip, except it is pink and fancy looking.

Step 2 Black head remover strip

Remember to wet your nose before applying it or it won't stick!

Nose Pore Strip

The pulling out of the nose pore strip is always a heart-wrenching process, quite literally. It feels as if the entire piece of skin on the nose is being torn from the roots, and my eyes were closing so tightly that I am sure more wrinkles have formed in that brief few minutes. 

Blackhead strip, post use.
In a way, the yucky bits in my nose are mostly unplugged from my pores, at the price of removing much of my skin as well! It was a painful procedure, much more than expected since I presumed that because I used the blackhead softener in step one, it should be less painful.

But nope. Very painful it was.

Refining pores
Perhaps this is the reason why they need a step three: to help you get over the throbbing pain of yanking out the nose epidermal layer, and to recover from the trauma of unintentional skin removal. 

Placing the cooling, moist gel on my traumatized nose was like heaven after that hellish treatment. In a way, I can see why they include such a step because I feel that it does aid in the recovering of my pores, even if they are not really refined, just soothed.

Gel patch for refining pores

I am ambivalent towards the overall usefulness of the product, since it does remove the blackheads/ whiteheads, albeit not in the long run. I will probably rate this a 3/5, as I like the gel patch at the end: it is like balm to your nose after you rip the nose pore strip off. In a way, this is better than one-step pore strips like Biore's and the likes.

However, I also feel that for a single use, this is pretty expensive at $3.50, and that was already on some kind of discount I think?

I will leave you guys to decide for yourself if you like it, and if you do try it, do leave us a comment down below to tell us if this worked well for you! :D


  1. I think it's worth the try and the price is ok too!
    thanks for the review!


    1. Yup, definitely worth trying! Thanks for dropping by! <3

  2. that's a shame that it was painful! at least it worked though, thanks for sharing :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle

    1. Yup, the pain is a turn off of any product! But it works as a quick cure for blackheads! <3


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