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Lovemore Water Beauty Series

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I haven't tried many facial masks in a while, and this set of Lovemore Water Beauty Series masks took me by pleasant surprise!

Lovemore Water Beauty Series

The packaging is simply adorable!

Anyways, back to the main point. As you all know, I am very particular about the smell of masks because, after all, you have to leave it on your face, close to your nose for at least 10-15 minutes, and it does not do well when the mask has an unpleasant smell, or an overly sweet scent that gives headache.

This is why I am super pleased that Lovemore Water Beauty mask has a light, slightly sweet, minty and very pleasant scent that appeals to one's sense of smell. Hence, first round of inspection by me, passed!

The second fantastic thing about this mask is the fact that it is very extremely thin, and as a result it fits perfectly onto one's skin, almost like a second, thinner, breathable layer that molds in perfect harmony to one's own.

I am super sorry that I have to recycle an old picture, because for some reason I am inapt at handling my camera phone and cannot send the picture to myself properly, so please bear with the one below.

Do you see the mask? It is the thin membranous layer in between the blue sheet and the shiny plastic layer: all this to prevent the mask from tangling within itself because it is that thin.

Verdict? I LOVE IT. I mean, have you ever been tired of putting on facial masks that feels like putting on a canvas onto your face: super heavy, thick, doesn't adhere well and peels here and then, and even worse, when you try to sit down and read a book...drip...drip, all the essence falls onto the book, damaging it?

This is exactly why thin masks are so amazing. Not only do they adhere well to the skin and not miss a spot at all, it has surprisingly good capacity to hold the essence in the mask and then transfer it to the skin, instead of having all the essence dripping like water from a faulty tap.

Not only so, it debunks the myth that thin masks cannot hold essence well, eh?

On top of it all, your skin can breathe while using the mask, and that is important because some masks do make one feel rather stuffy and suffocated.

More importantly, these masks have very good hydrating effects, and it serves to really freshen up the skin and replenish all the moisture that one might have lost throughout the day. Furthermore, I was also pleasantly amazed by how it can brighten and clear up the skin tone so much more, like it has just purified the pores of my skin. The relatively long lasting fresh feeling after usage is also part of the pros of the mask.

There are three types of masks in this series:

I am totally in love with the Glacier masks, but I think when I finish mine, I will give the others a try too!

See the information at the back? According to them, it is made of 100% pure silk, which explains why the mask is so soft and comfortable. Heavy cotton ones are less comfortable, in my opinion.

You can now purchase these wonderful masks on Secretive's website, at a price of S$13.90 for 5 masks! I think it is a decent price, especially since the mask has wonderful hydrating effects and leaves the skin much more supple and radiant.

Check out their supply of Lovemore masks here!

Why not head over to their site now and choose a mask that suits yourself? You can start moisturizing and maintaining your skin from today!



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