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Sexy Look Micro Inject Mask

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Sexy look Micro Inject mask
 Not long ago I shared with you the Glacier masks that were incredibly thin, and to my great surprise, these Micro Inject masks are on par with the Glacier masks in terms of thinness!

Microinject mask
As you could see from the promotional poster above, the Micro Inject masks are exceedingly thin which makes adherence to skin so much easier than thicker masks.

The masks that I received to try and review are the aloe vera ones, and I like the fact that they do not have an overwhelming scent on them.

These masks are soft and gentle on the skin and non scratchy, and they fit like a second layer to the skin.

Apart from that, I also feel that it has excellent hydration effects, probably due to the better adhesion and its laudable water retention qualities that enable it to transfer most of the essence onto the skin rather than to have them left behind in the bag.

Overall, I will rate this masks a five out of five because it is comfortable, breathable and hydrating.

"The Latest Technology in Japan – Double penetration effect with skin friendly natural fibre and precise ergonomic design, too! Unique hydronet helps pump up skin to look younger and healthier."
If you are interested to try out these masks, head over to Secretive Micro Inject Masks to order one today for just $3.50!

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