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Beautiful Hair with Moroccan Argan Oil

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Sponsored Review + Tutorial

Hi Lovelies! I am back with another review of Moroccan Argan Oil (MAO) by Seven Wonders, Natural Skincare! 
Moroccan Argan Oil
As the recent weather has been a mix of extended dry spells and humid wet weather, I felt as if it has taken a further toll on my hair and made it even more frizzy and unmanageable. Do you guys face the same problem? It is like, if I wash my hair daily, then my hair dries out and my scalp feels great and clean, while if I wash my hair every other day, my scalp is itchy and oily while my hair feels great.

Is there even a compromise?

That was when I remembered this little bottle of "liquid gold" as the others called it, as it not only expensive but have many beneficial properties.

I am not going to list all the properties here and bore you with it, but you can sure go ahead and google for the benefits if you are interested! Instead, let me share with you how you can use it to improve your hair condition! :))

For me, because I am washing my hair daily, there is a tendency for my hair to dry out after each wash and look really really dry, frizzy and unkempt, which is why I feel the need to use this to add back the original oil that has been stripped away from my hair.

Basically after washing your hair, and waiting for you hair to dry naturally because I think using a blow-dryer will worsen the dry-split-damaged hair condition, pump like a little bit of the oil onto your palm. It should be around this much if your hair is my length.

 Yikes, you get to see the dried, damaged hair of mine in its full glory: it is always like that after washing \(v_v)/ but it will get so much better after a day, especially when I take the effort to put in MAO. (heh for the acronym)

Yes, really frizzed out hair.
Amt to use! \(^v^)/
Rub your palms together lightly, then apply the oil to the length of your hair, focusing on the end of the hair, like rub slightly more vigorously. Run your hands through your hair as many times as you think necessary, brushing through it gently.

After that just rub whatever that is left on your hands on the surface of your hair, and the reason why we don't do that from the start is because that would mean most of the oil go onto the surface, and it would create an oily, unpleasant look rather than the healthier shine. :D

Yup, that's all for taking care of your hair! Hope you find this hair tutorial useful, especially because healthy shiny hair is the basis of all beautiful hair!

Oh yes, before I end, if you are dying to try out the MAO but too lazy/ stingy to buy one from Watsons/Guardian for S$25.00, I suggest that you head over to Moroccan Argan Oil Facebook Page to like them and keep updated of their frequent giveaways. Only recently they gave away 30 bottles of the oil, and you could very well be the next winner!

Cheers and stay beautiful! :)


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