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Post exam shopping and stuff(:

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Block test one finally ended, and towards the end, it was more like "wish it would end" rather than "I wanna do well!"

The day when blocks ended I went home ate and slept for the whole day. It was pure nirvana I swear.

Okie so I went out with mom the next day for food and then we shopped around.

First off at Popular...


Please DO NOT buy me this, I am serious. I won't be able to use it. :D

HAHA a larger version! so cute!

Okay so here is the shallow part of my blog, with selfies and what not.
I see the first one as a potential DP! Bahahahaha.

I bought the white outfit with skirt in the end because I really liked it! :).

And I tried the blue blouse, it was pretty good, but I didn't want to buy so many. I tend to feel guilty if I buy too much things.

P.S. I think contacts are wayyyyy better than specs. I mean I look so much younger!
But aiyah not worth the trouble, like cornea abrasions and what nots haha..

While we were waiting for food, there was a burst of sun, so of course I had to take selfie right! (Partly because it was a new phone heh xD)

For those of you who keep asking about the eyes, yes it is contact lenses (black, diameter 16.5mm, I think it is barbie if I am not wrong, and I bought them from here)

Lust to Lush is fantastic for me, because I can buy just one pair at a time, for mine it is only S$9.00, with mailing it is 10 bucks. Still pretty good. I like the ones I am wearing because they can be put in super easily, unlike Clearlab, whose lenses I always have trouble putting them in. Both are comfortable, it is just that the curvature is different, me thinks?

Anyway, Lust to Lush is fabulous, just saying :D

(Wow okay, the eyes are really a bit too shiny, blearrrgh)

Yep, and I got a pair of heels at a good price, will post photo sometime later.

ASEAN youth forum today, damn tiring and hot and tedious, but I made friends! I liked everyone in my group muhhahas :) They were so nice:)

Yes, that's me again, a very sad photo because I was so tired and warm, but hey the lighting it good. What do we do when there is good lighting?

WE ZIPAI AND ZILIAN shamelessly.

Like what I do.

Yeah come Monday I will stop because school starts and school always kills my spirit.

Oh yes yes, for my coming birthday, just in case you like Den or Sluggy who like people to tell them what to buy, you can get me any of the following! 
  • Old Town White Coffee, hazelnut is preferred.
  • Pilot Maica pens (black/blueblack/blue/purple/brown)
  • Contact lens (black/brown) from Lust to lush (degrees: 4.5 and 5.0)
  • CUTE stuffed toys

I know it is like "aiyo so shameless" but isn't it better than people spending a lot of money buying you stuff that you don't dare to use? Because it is too nice and too expensive? Like I get wayyy too expensive diaries and stuff, from HQ and Sluggy. Ooah, okay maybe I should feel paiseh....

Please don't buy anything too expensive, like please please because I will feel really bad, and I don't have enough money to buy you stuff that's equally nice. Like that time Sluggy and JQ got me headphones that is close to $70, and till now I haven't gotten JQ anything good enough (but this year I have surprise for her, shhhh! :)))) *squeals in delight*). Sofffyyyy is okie I guess?

And if your birthday is coming, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO BUY! I really don't want to get you things that you are not going to use/ shelve away, so please tell me what you like? Like don't need to be shy de, because I will really appreciate it if you just tell me what to get! :)) Like Den, JQ, Leon (harrrrumph) and etc.

BUT NVM HAH, who cares. ^^||

Okie, that's all for now, will update about Asean Youth Forum soon! :))


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