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Wheee!~ New post at last!

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I haven't blogged for so long that the idea of blogging suddenly become alien to me, goodness gracious. And since I turned seventeen I have been so obsessed with so many questions that I am suffering from an existential crisis, so while trying to discover myself, I didn't have the time to blog (as much)!

Anyway, it is the lovely June holidays and boy am I glad that holidays are finally here (and one week has already lapsed while I was enjoying myself tremendously). You can't imagine how good life is when your alarm no longer rings at 5.50am in the morning and you no longer have to drag your lethargic body off the bed to prepare for another tedious day at school, learning things that you doubt will have any use for you in the future.

Of course the school probably can't believe in Hedonism, since they decided to have BLOCK TEST right after the school holidays, which is like oh my god, WHY?

That unpleasant bit sobers me up a little each time I am too happy. It is like this constant nagging pain in your system that acts up whenever it decides that you are too comfortable. Aish.

Still, holidays are pretty darn awesome (if we exclude the part about revision, which takes up just this tiny little bit of my fantabulous holidays). :D

Anyways, I was amusing myself as usual the other day when someone asked me, "How is life?" and I was like, "Pretty good!" and the person went like, "School life is pretty good?" and I was suddenly so cool and un-nerdish and replied in my coolest voice,

"I have a life outside of school."

At that point maybe, I was just tired of people thinking that for us students our whole life is just about school. It is mostly about school, but I don't see why we should allow it to be all about school. The more I think about it, the more I admire myself for coming up with such a witty and ingenious reply that I couldn't do anything but beam at my own reflection for the rest of the day, indulging myself with shoulder-pats.


True enough, school is indeed a very energy zapping part of our lives now, and the saddest thing is non other than the fact that it is inescapable and inevitable. You just have to face it. But now I saw the light - instead of letting myself dwell grouchily on all the negative aspects of school, I do try to (force myself) to see the "brighter side". The thorns will always be there; it is up to us to seek the roses and admire them.

For another, I have made wonderful new friends in class, namely Denyse and Clarissa (okay, and somewhat grudgingly Jun Jie I guess, even though he doesn't treat me as well as I treat him, it's fine. "Love those that hate you, bless those that curse you and despitefully use you." right?). Denyse and Clarissa are fantastic people. They are more than anything that I could have asked for in friends, witty, humorous, always positive and cheerful and always seeing the good in people and things. Of course with Clarissa comes her little bundle of humors, like Jason, Kah Wai, Ivan, Jiangshen etc etc, the name list of her friends who are boys are so long that I cannot recall them completely. The second most funny thing is that despite never having conversed with the aforementioned friends of Clarissa's, I felt like I know them (praise the lord) because I heard so much about them. Denyse and I would chuckle each time we hear each of those names and exchange knowing looks which Clarissa would pretend to frown at before laughing along with us.

With true, sincere and good friends, life is good hehe xD

A really short post I know, my wrist hurts a little ( I have no idea why), and I just got back from my urea breath test this morning, and despite the name sounding really weird, it is a test to determine whether I still have helicobacter pylori in my tummy. Remember the previous blog post where I wrote about myself getting really sick twice? I know I didn't manage to update, but I had an infection of HP, a pretty bad one at that, and now after all my antibiotics and stuff, I have to go back to check if I am better! I heard that I have to go for another test next year just to ensure that all the HP are mercifully murdered by my brilliant doctor, Dr Leong from Gleneagles.

If I have time, I will blog again! So far, bye!


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