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Samples Redeemed June 2013

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It is quite a pleasant month of June, where we all chill out and tour Facebook for items to redeem just for the sake of trying out new things! I always like to have these things sent to me, even though I don't really use them often, because it is just fun to open your mailbox to see a lumpy package!

(some of the images are quite blur because there is something wrong with the focus in the camera, so it always comes out rather blur :/)

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Travel Packs

I have been really fond of Neutrogena's new Water gel sunscreen, because usually sunscreens have that common, unflattering smell of some odd foundation/chemical and I really disliked the smell of it on my face, and hey! This new Water Gel Sunscreen smells darn amazing and refreshing, like watermelons (to me)! Not only so, it has an interesting color: a light, pretty baby blue that is semi-translucent (see picture below, right).

It does not feel sticky when applied on the skin, and also doesn't make the skin oily, since I wore it out a few times, always worrying that my face will turn into some oil puddle, but it didn't happen, much to my surprise. The best part is that it does not feel dry on our skin but leaves it feeling reasonably hydrated, refreshed and decent smelling. I mean, smell is important, since you will be smelling your own face for quite some time before the scent wears off!

I also like how Neutrogena takes much care in having that sealed tip to ensure that even our samples are clean and fresh. Overall, I really like this product, and I will give it 5/5! Will definitely buy it once I finish my current (unpleasant smelling) sunscreen.

Listerine Natural Green Tea Mouth Wash

The mouth wash smells good, and leaves one with a clear refreshing breath afterwards, but despite it claiming to have a "mild and gentle flavour", it still stings quite a bit, and is still very minty. I have a lot of mouth wash that claims to be mild in flavor, but I always find them too minty: hold them in your mouth for a minute too long and feel your tongue going numb from all the prickling.

Still, I like the idea of using green tea scent, especially since I got really tired of things like mint, strong mint, herbal mint and the similar, green tea is indeed refreshing! Also thumbs up to keeping my breath fresh. The downside is that I realized that the "fresh and cool" breath feeling disappeared pretty quickly, like within half an hour or less, I can barely feel it anymore.

Overall, I think I will give it 3.5/5! :D

Essential Hair Masks

Personally, I enjoyed these hair masks tremendously, especially when Essential is really quite generous with each of the samples that they provided. For this round, they let everyone try one pink packaged hair mask (Nuance Airy) and orange-packaged one (Rich Premier). I have not really had much faith in hair masks before this, because I never find it necessary and all, but these hair masks changed my view of them completely.

For one thing, they smell amazing. Nuance Airy (pink) smells like sweet strawberries and honey, and smoothens out easily when applied to hair, leaving the hair silky and smooth. Especially when one is washing the mask off, there is literally no knots left in the hair and water just cascades down, like that.

Not to mention the after effects of using Nuance Airy (pink), I noted that my hair did not frizz out as much as it did usually, but lie down flat and smooth (all the while smelling as though they have just had a dip in strawberry cream). The good effects of Nuance Airy hair mask continued for almost two days, I took the pains of depriving myself of a hair wash for two days to see what would happen. For the next two days, my hair remained as great as ever: no frizz, no knots, just that amazing silky smooth texture (and great smell). I supposed the effect could have lasted even longer, but then my scalp was feeling terrible by the end of the second day, all oily and unbearable, so I gave up the test and enjoyed a good hair wash.

Currently, I am using Rich Premier (orange) sample, and it is still fabulous, even though I don't really feel as if there is any different from Nuance Airy. It smells rather like orange and mangoes with honey (yum yum), and I got to give it to Essential for coming up with such fantastic sweet smells. Like their Purely Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner smelled fantastic enough, and now it is just like pure heaven!

I can't remember which hyperlink I got these from, but maybe you can try to facebook their page and ask? Sorry guys, for my blurness :/

Liese Styling Milk

Just received this yesterday or the day before, haven't got to try it because I am cooped at home all day, so I can't really be bothered whether my hair is lying smooth or not. I am also trying to save this for a more important time, like when I go out shopping with Denyse or Clarissa or something. :>

That's all for today!
Thanks for reading guys and keep healthy!


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