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Fashion Picks of the Month (June 2013)

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Hey all!

I came to realize that despite my blog being called a fashion blog, I have not really blogged enough on fashion partially because I don't have the time to go out and shop, but now I have decided to include a new component, and that is Fashion Pick of the Month! :D

I probably won't be following any trend and stuff but instead introducing you guys to some of the outfits and styles that I like myself and how I think they would match. Maybe in the future when I get a better camera then I can try to take pictures of myself wearing clothes I like. Also given that I slim down enough. Heh. ;)

I was just thinking whether I should do the  picking based on themes, or simply just based on whim, but I guess I will do both: I will pick themes based on my whim! :D

 In case you are wondering how I will pick the clothes I like, it will be based on how much it appeals to me at the first glance. Yes, it is that simple. Some clothes just click with me, while others are just not compatible with myself. I will also classify the picks on whether they are suitable for formal wear or casual wear!

Without further ado, I will pick my this week's clothing!


This week's clothing will be a JobandShop special, because I am a fan of this blogshop since they sell really trendy clothing that is both affordable and of good quality (depends on what you pick too).

In case you are curious, you can head over to http://www.jobandshop.com/ to check out some of their clothings! All of the photo credits below goes to Jobandshop! :)

Casual Outfits

Coming in third and second are the black sleeveless top on the left and the navy blue sleeveless top on the right respectively! Personally I think that the one on the left would be more suitable for slightly more formal occasions than the one on the right, like for work or for more important dinners, while the one on the left can be worn for more casual occasions like movie outings with friends. Afterall, I always think that over-dressing is really awkward when we go out with friends, especially those that are quick to judge and go like, "Woah, why are you wearing this kind of things?" Personally, I don't really care what people wear, unless it is really over the top, like just bra...in a transparent shirt...or a bikini top...for movie watching. Hmm....___,

I also like the style of the shirt on the right because it has refreshing style, and I feel that the stylist did well to use the rope-looking belt, and I find that it added extra charm to the overall appearance.  The other good point is that the top is longer and would probably extend past the hips, so if you are facing a hip-crisis like I do, it can be a good choice since it won't reveal so much much the bum. :D

And the top casual outfit goes to...

Clean button up top with black skirt, I think they are joint together, so maybe we can call this a dress? I found this dress a really refreshing choice because it is so simple, and yet it screams sophisticated-ness. I do think there is a touch of simple elegance there as well, and it is definitely NOT over the top and good to wear for casual to smart-casual occasions! Not only so, the dress makes the person wearing it looks demure, sweet and innocent, in my opinion.

I think this dress will go well with...

High heel platforms, for the really chic, simple, yet really elegant look. Especially if you have great legs, which UGH, angst of angst, I don't possess. >.< The picture of the shoes are credit of www.shoefashionista.com.

Formal Wear

Coming in a tie for the third place is the black dress with diamantes on the shoulder straps on the left, and the pale beige dress with diamantes around the boson area. I would prefer the black one over the beige one, because the black one looks marginally longer than the beige one, and also because the black-one is curve hugging, so it means that there is less chance of your dress flying up in the wind and exposing your...whatever that is under. Also, I cannot divorce the image of a sleepwear from the beige dress, I think that can be a result of the loosing fitting from the waist on, and my lord, I really do think that it is way too short, even for short dresses. It is like, the person can't even walk properly in it without having to worry about slips...unless you have short legs...then that will be less risky.

Coming in second is the lacy dress, and I have included both the black and beige-white versions for you guys to decide which is nicer. I find that I would prefer the white one, because it makes one look more youthful, while the black one just makes me think of a more aged individual, still in good form with plenty of appeal nevertheless, but a bit lacking on the youth side. I am surprised that I would pick a lacy dress to introduce to you all, because personally I am not a huge fan of anything overly lacy, I just don't like them. But hmm, this one is pretty good (judging from the photos, and I think it has incorporated the traditional Chinese Cheongsum feel into it well, and balanced it superbly with the modern classy look.

Coming in top place for formal....
is yet another black and white dress. Maybe I am addicted to this two colours nowadays, but I will just attribute part of this bias because I really like the model for this dress. She looks so much like the Korean Star, Song Hye Kyo, doesn't she? The dress is again simple, modest, yet classy in itself, and I think it will look great without and with a belt. Without a belt it would look more formal, while a belt could tone it down to make is a great everyday wear. :)

I think it will pair well with both the platforms I have shown you guys above, or with white heels or with wedges.

Other notable outfits

I thought that the outfit above looked really interesting because it looks like the person is wearing a cape, and the fact lies that it is really a cape like thingy. I felt that the design is creative because without the cape part, it would really be another rather common looking, part-of-the-current-craze outfits that promotes collar+button-up+no sleeves. The cape makes it look really outstanding, and almost designer-ish, and the belt also helps to accentuate the wearer's figure.

Hmmm, a notable street style, even though very few people wear it around my estate, I won't putit past the fashionable ones roaming Orchard in Singapore. The casual black tee with the tiger head suggests a tinge of rebellion in the wearer, like a subtle protest against conformity and a symbol of strength and female empowerment, while the high-low pink skirt layered with white brings out the feminine side to the wearer, balancing the power and the sweet.

I have an issue with the model's sunglasses, not just because I think most sunglasses look rather weird, but also because this particular sunglasses look really ugly. Ugh, like square sunglasses? Reminds me of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Not a particular fan of baby blue heels, those are pretty hard to match with most clothes, even though I have to concede that the effect is not as jarring or as unacceptable here. And mustard yellow clutch? What is with the play on shades of primary colors? A bit too retro for my likings.

With this, I end my post on June 2013's fashion picks! How do you like it? Do drop me a comment to tell me what you think of this or head over to my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Live-and-Dictate/250086195112938 to let me know! :D

Thanks for reading and bye!


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