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Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel

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Many thanks to Cellilux's management for the lovely product! I wouldn't have been able to try such a lovely product if not for you guys! Please note that even though the product is sponsored, it will not affect my opinions on it, and because of differing skin types, the effect of the product may not be the same for everyone! Product has been tried before writing this review! (:

Hi readers, I am back today with another amazing facial mask review!

Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel
Cellilux provides an alternative to acids and damaging chemicals that rule the world of skincare and beauty treatments. Their Glacial Mask is a truly groundbreaking treatment that provides multiple benefits in one application. Previously only available to spa customers, this incredible product is now newly available to the Asian market.

Four major technological skincare methods are at work each time you use the mask. First, a specially structured water deeply penetrates your skin for intense hydration not found in any other product on the market. Second, special minerals detoxify your skin by bringing all of the impurities to its surface. Third, those same minerals actually work with your DNA, instructing your skin to activate youth-bringing processes such as collagen production. Your skin is revitalized like never before. 

Finally, the mask works as an exfoliator to lift away the detritus that's been cleansed from deep within for skin that glows with the health of youth and is devoid of clogged pores. With technology that harnesses mother nature to provide a natural alternative, the Glacial Mask must be used to be believed!

Cellilux contains natural catalytic molecules that are negatively charged. These negatively charged ions are able to draw positively charged bacteria and impurities lodged deep within the skin as well as neutralizing free radicals. Due to the reaction between these ions, you might experience a slight tingling sensation when the mask is applied. This sensation should fade away in a few minutes.
 -Bellabox quote
Here are some more information that is written on the cover of the Cellilux Package.

I find the mask very unique, especially amongst the proliferation of facial mask sheets that one simply stick to the face (and sometimes fall off), this one allows individual to contour the mask to suit one's face.

Cellilux allows one to apply the mask such that it adheres to one's face perfectly well, and unlike sheet masks that may not be able to adhere to every part of the face, or even more sadly, not cover some areas at all, this glacial mask ensures that every problematic area on one's face is well covered and is given due attention.

Not only so, while wearing the mask, one need not lie down but can do whatever we like, be it watching television or reading a book, since there is no risk of the mask falling off your face and wetting your book! Such convenience is worth noticing! ^^

Usually, you guys and girls know that I like to comment on the smell of masks and beauty products because I find smell really important since no one likes to have funny smelling things on your face for an extended period of time, right?

The packaging is very detailed, and from the first picture you guys can actually tell that Cellilux company takes the effort to seal the opening with plastic wrap to ensure airtightness and the quality of the mask. I like such a fact, even though I have little idea of what damage oxygen can do to your facial products, such sealed packaging always suggest sterile quality!

On top of that, Cellulix also takes its consumers into considerations when it provides one with an adorable little spatula for one to scoop out the desired amount of gel without having to risk the contamination of the product by digging one's finger into it. Cleanliness and hygiene factor, check!We do remember have to wash the spatula after each use and dry it well though... ;)

Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel Mask is definitely not sweet smelling, but it most definitely does not smell bad either. Instead it has a slightly stronger, and refreshing scent that reminds one most strongly of minerals and the sea and ice (maybe it is just me...) and personally, I don't find the smell offending at all. So, thumbs up to the good smell! :D

The first time when I tried the gel, I was rather surprised by the effect of the application: my face stung quite a bit and it felt like I just squeezed an excess of peppermint toothpaste on my face. But the effects of the stinging is normal, as indicated on the box, and one will get used to it after a while. Not only so, the stinging will fade away as the mask dries, hence it will not be causing you too much stringing (especially if you have low threshold for pain) for extended period of time! Besides, what is a little bit of pain when we can get better skin right?

The gel mask did its job in clearing up most of my blackheads, in fact, after each use, when I wash off the mask, I do note a decrease in the number of unsightly and stubborn black spots present on my nose. On the other hand, my pimple problem is controlled but not entirely cured, but that is not because the mask is not useful, but because recently I have been quite lethargic and tired due to late sleeping, and whenever I sleep late, my skin will experience a variety of problems. Normally, I expect my acne problem to be even worse, but I believe that the Mineral Gel has done its role well in lightening the situation of my skin problem! Cheers! ;D

I have included a photo which I took from Cellilux's Facebook, because I somehow cannot get a good shot of my face (one that is not too bad looking hehe~) to post it here.

After my mom saw the product, she was so intrigued by it that she asked if she could try it too, hence I decided to give it to her since she really liked it!

Overall, I will give the product a 4.5/5, the half mark is taken off because the product is on the slightly more expensive side, and I understand how we always have a limited budget for such products, but if you try it, I do think you will find it worth your money!

Have you guys tried out this amazing product? You can buy it for S$78 at Cellilux's Website and do remember to check out their facebook page meanwhile! If you are a subscriber of Bellabox then you get to try out a sample too in their beauty box!

Thank you for reading this guys! Till next time, see you all!


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