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Skin & Lab Vitamin Creams Review

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Sponsored Review
Hello people! I am back with another skin care product review, and this time it is the famous Vitamin Cream sponsored by Skin & Lab!
Skin & Lab Vitamin Cream K and E.
Who is Skin & Lab?
Skin&lab originated from Korea and is created based on the results of experiments with dermatologists in Korea. It consists of hypoallergenic materials passed with strict skin test, approved by KDA (Korea) and received the Product Notification from HSA(Singapore). Currently, Skin&Lab SG  is currently Singapore's Official Sole Distributor for all Dr. Vita Clinic product's 'Doctor's Care at Home'.

Skin and Lab products use all natural vitamins to supply our skin with the essential vitamins.

Vitamin E and K with samples.

Vitamins A, B, C, E and K from Skin & Lab.
Vitamin K Review
I must say that I fell in love with the packaging of the vitamin creams at the first sight. It is 30g per tube, and that is great because I don't like to buy huge tubes of cream as they may expire before I even finish using them, and this can never happen to this lovely tube! Also, I love the hygiene seal on the tip of the bottle to keep the cream clean.

Vitamin K has a relatively stronger herbal scent that may take a while to get use to at the first whiff, but after a while, I believe that you will come to accept and even like this smell like me. Vitamin K is slightly (barely noticeable) tinged in greenish-yellow and it is very smooth on application. However, it might be wise to note that one should not put too much cream on the nose area because around that area, too much of any cream will turn into oil rapidly (at least for me).

I applied Vitamin K around my under eye area because Vitamin K is supposed to help with the constriction of the capillaries under our eyes to reduce the dark rings. There is this slightly tingly and warm sensation on application like someone just covered by eyes with warm towel, not unpleasant but again, it will take a while to get use to. It is good that there is some kind of sensation from under my eye, I mean it shows that the cream is working and therefore my skin receptors are responding to it right?

So far I have only tried Vitamin K for about a day, so it is still to early to judge whether or not it is effective, but I have great confidence in this cream after my previous battles with my dark eyes have failed! I will keep your guys updated in one months' time!

Vitamin E
Vitamin E smells very similar to Vitamin K, but even stronger in terms of the medicinal and herbal smell. Like Vitamin K, Vitamin E is very very smooth to apply and it also has a tingly sensation on the skin. Skin feels moisturized, soft and not sure how to express this, like bouncy? Elastic I mean. Like you can just poke a finger in and it feels soft yet firm.

Skin continues to feel soft even after a few hours, and I think that I can still feel the "touch" of the vitamin cream on my face. It does do quite a lot in preventing the skin from drying out, and the result is more obvious because I sat in an air-conditioned room.

Again, I will try this product out for a month and do an update for you guys!

Since I have more time, I would introduce you all to more Vitamin creams that I received in the sample pack that Skin & Lab had kindly given me!

Introduction to each Vitamin Cream

Purpose of each Vitamin Cream
Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to promote cell division in our skin and is actually the most important component in anti-aging cosmetics. Vitamin A encourages skin cells to turn over at a faster rate, which means that newer and fresher cells can be brought to the skin surface.

Hence, the frequent usage of this cream helps to reduce wrinkles and firm the skin.

When do I need it?
  • Loss of elasticity in Skin
  • Pillow marks do not appear easily in the morning
  • Rough skin texture
  • Wrinkles and lines around mouth and crow's feet. 

Vitamin B

Vitamin helps to fight acne as it has shown many anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it suitable in dealing with troubled skin. It helps to stem potential acne breakout by repressing proliferation of bacteria that causes inflammation.

Frequent usage helps to moisturize and treat troubled skin.

When do I need it?
  • To eradicate repeated acne problems
  • To prevent skin problem during periods (for girls)
  • To prevent skin problems during seasonal changes

Vitamin C

An antioxidant which is largely associated with skin brightening. It helps to prevent the skin from UV damage after prolonged exposure to the sun by reducing the amount of free radical formation. It helps to strengthen the structural support and resilience of the skin.

When do I need it?
  •  If you want radiant, beautiful and clear skin
  • To prevent skin aging because of UV exposure
  • Too many freckles and spots

Vitamin E

Prevents skin damage and makes skin moist and smooth by protecting the cell membrane. Has to be applied 20 minutes before entering the sun so that the vitamin can be absorbed well into the epidermis.

When do I need it?
  • If you want great skin that is radiant and beautiful, then you need it! Vitamin E is the most important for the skin! :)

Vitamin K

Helps to constrict the capillary under eyes to make dark circles less obvious. If the skin under your eyes are thin, then leaking capillaries could be mistaken as dark circles, and the Vitamin K, when absorbed, helps to deliver nutrients directly to the end eye area to brighten them up! Not only so, Vitamin K also helps to alleviate the appearance of unsightly spider-veins.

When do I need it?
  • If you have dark and shady eyes
  • Have reddish blemishes and troubles on the skin
  • Reddish skin/ veins on the cheeks

Vitamins A, B, C, E Review
Out of all the creams, I think Vitamin A has mildest scent, a very pleasant and not very recognizable one at that. I finished using the sample the day before blogging this, so I can't really remember how it felt like.

Top: Vitamin B    Bottom: Vitamin K
Mixed together
Vitamin B smells relatively mild too, but a little stronger than A, and also very pleasant. It is very white, and not as watery as compared to E and K.

As suggested, I mixed B and K together to produce this cream for troubled skin, and I must say that it has worked wondrously for me! I have applied it on my skin because I have been have quite some pimples lately (thanks to fried food) and these cream-mix soothe my irritated skin very very well.

Of all the creams, I am most partial to the lovely tangy scent of Vitamin C. It has such a lovely smell of fragrant lemon and orange mix and a clear orangey color that I am going to purchase it once I get my salary hehe.

Mix and Match!

Vitamin A + Vitamin E = Anti-aging

Vitamin B + Vitamin K = For troubled Skin

Vitamin C + Vitamin E = Skin Whitening

That's all for my review! Of course, I won't make you all read this without being able to try it for yourself!  You guys can head over to Skin & Lab's Facebook Page and Website to find out more about these amazing Vitamin creams and also to get a FREE SAMPLE delivered right up to your doorsteps! What are you waiting for? Go for it now!


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