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Essential Purely Smooth Review

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 I received my sample sachets of Essential Purely Smooth Shampoo and conditioner recently packaged in the cutest and prettiest ziplock there is!

They also included a thank you note for redeeming the sample, which I thought was very sweet!

The shampoo and conditioner sachets are both 15ml each, and to my greatest surprise I can use them for 4 times instead of 3 (because 5ml each time? Heh~!) and I have been using them for the past few days! 

The New Essential Purely Smooth:

 According to Essential, damaged hair cuticles causes hair loses nutrients easily, resulting in tangles and split ends. When wet hair gets tangled during shampooing, it causes more damage, creating a vicious cycle of damage.

A sign of damaged cuticle would be when your hair getting tangled together when shampooing, a condition that has never happened to me until I started using Organix Argan Morrocan Oil shampoo :(.

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The New Essential has FOUR times more cuticle protection than than other shampoo.
"Essential's Advanced Cuticle Care Technology smoothens cuticles to the last 15cm of hair, locking in nutrients with 4 times more cuticle protection."
Essential contains High Purity Honey and Shea Butter which is supposed to deeply moisturize hair and repair your damaged cuticles.

The smell is simply fantastic! It is one of the most delicious smelling shampoo I have ever came across (the conditioner smells similar but a little less sweet). It smells of honey and all sugary goodness and it makes my whole bathroom smells great too!

The shampoo and condition both does what they are supposed to do, making my hair extremely silky and smooth. You can test this buy running water through your hair and then stroking the surface of your hair gently- are there "lumps"? If there aren't, then your hair is smooth!

Now, the problem with this shampoo and conditioner is that they only makes your hair silky and smooth during the shower and when your hair is damp or wet. Like after shower, when your hair is wet, it is super easy to comb through the hair, but when your hair dries, it is all tangled up again.
I was actually surprised that that happened because my hair was so silky smooth and nice smelling when I just came out from the shower, but when it dried up, it was rather tangly, so was my hair the next day. That is the only downside of the new shampoo.

Overall, I really really really like this shampoo (because I love the smell) as it feels so awesome when I massage it through my hair, it feels mild and really comfortable, and the best part is that it foams so well! Love it so much! But the sad thing is that it does not retain the silkiness in the hair after it has dried, so that is not very good.

If you guys are dying to have fantastic silky hair, I would actually recommend Pantene Total Damage Care (Shampoo and Conditioner, always use the matching ones for better effect!). It is one of the best shampoo I have used so far and it has never failed to retained its silkiness and smooth and airy texture in my hair. The even grander thing is that it makes your hair smooth and non frizzy without even applying anything. It smells great too.

I would rate Essential Purely Smooth a 4/5 (one mark taken away for not smooth on drying >o<) and you guys can redeem a sample today at here!


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