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Okay I have no idea why and what dot me so irritated, but I was just like blog hopping and the result was that I ended up feeling pissed by almost every blog that I read apart from my own of course (and also Shu Hui's tumblr).

I realized, to my amazement and confusion that most of the younger bloggers are really pretty. (Myself not included, sorry to say.) Like a lot of them are very good looking (either that they are super good at photoshop and makeup and contacts), and also every pretty blogger love posting zillions of pictures of themselves on Facebook and on blog.

Which I found to be very annoying and irritating.

And that is probably because I am jealous (sighs, boohoo).

I mean sometimes I feel that part of their marketing strategy is their good looks and photos with tons of effect, so it should be normal and natural that their blogs are plastered full with their photos...right? I found the comments on the photos even more disturbing, like there are always people who writes unpleasant stuff with sexual reference to it, and when I see such I would wonder, if I were the blogger that posted the photo, would I be okay with it? I don't think I would be, you know.

It is really their choice I guess, and I guess I don't really care so long as I am not the one writing the disturbing comments (and land myself in hot soup), and neither am I the one on the receiving end of the disturbing comments, so what is there for me to feel uncomfortable over?

Just a question that I have been thinking for a really long time but have no one to ask it to, when you readers read my blog or any other people's blog, do you read it more for the content, or do you read it more for the fact that the blog has good pictures? If it is the latter, what kind of pictures do you actually want to see? Photos of the pretty blogger, or photos of more meaning (like scenery etc?). I know that I read blogs for their contents. I didn't like Xiaxue because "Xiaxue is sooooo pretty~~~!" (not that she is not, but that it is not what attracts me). I like blogs because I find it worth reading, or either that it amuses me and makes me happy.

As you see in my blog links (or have I removed it?), that my favourite blogs are Hyperbole and a Half, Home of Cyanide and Happiness and also the Oatmeal. None of the blogs have pretty photos, but they are all marvelous in their own ways because the content is so enriching. Oatmeal allows us to learn new things in a fun and stress-less way, and it broadens my views.

Anyway, there was a period of time where I wondered if a better way to get my blog more famous would be to have all those photoshopped photos with my self covered in 3kg or so of make-up. But that is not the kind of audience I want, and that is not the type of attention I want to. I want to have true real readers who sincerely appreciates my rants and writings (like my impromptu poem as well as my A.M.I. micro-fiction), and not those who comments things like, "Fap fap fap" next to my photos. I don't like having photos of myself on the net (nowadays) unless I am with my friends, because that is not the type of image that I want to portray. Maybe it is because of my school which had made me more self-conscious and constantly afraid that I would be stomped. But I was pretty sure that so long as I don't put a toe out of line and continue blogging the way I am now, I won't ever get into trouble. Never. :D

So there is this running joke that if a Nanyang girl is crossing the road and is about to get knocked down by a car, the first thing that crosses her mind is not, "Oh no! I am going to get crushed and I will die!" but "Oh shucks, I hope no one stomps me." That, people, is how much we girls (most of us) are trying to keep our school's reputation good. Which is also why I don't ever sit in MRTs, and which is also why I always sit on the second floor of double-deckers. (kidding, haw!)

Anyway, I am veering off tangent and let's get back to the topic. My point is that I like the way I am blogging now, with long posts and rants and maybe a dash of literary work every now and then when I feel like embarrassing myself by sharing my (not that great) writing with others. It makes me happy, and it makes me enjoy blogging.

I think if one day I were to suddenly have tons of photos of myself on my blog, I probably won't be able to read it myself without cringing hard, and maybe that would be a sign to you guys that I am wither going crazy or I am being possessed. Yep.

All right with all the bloggers, I need to complain about something else.

I am very very very pissed with one of my dad's employee, who always calls like 5-10 times a day when my dad is at home, regardless of time, place and venue. Seriously that twit can ring at 2am or 4am in the morning. Where are her manners? None at all, I say, none at all. Her parents never teach her well enough to not call others after 9.30pm did they? Such atrocity.

And so she ringed my dad's cell five times in a row, and my mom got really irritated because as you guys know, my dad has this really loud ring tone that is super noisy, so she picked and asked what did she want exactly. She was like, oh there is some company matter to ask him. I was thinking, god, how can anyone be so...so obtuse and thick. Like can't you handle matters on your own without disturbing your superiors? Anyway, I was thinking that any employee that keeps harassing their superiors are very much "handicapped" and also being extremely insensitive to their superior's rest hours, so they should promptly be fired. By the way, don't try to warp my argument into this discrimination against the handicapped or discrimination against the less abled, I certainly was not trying to imply any thing of that sort.

Anyway, I suspect that there is more to that stupid harassing employee than meets the eye, so I am going to keep a close watch on her and nip the problem in the bud at the first signs of a shoot. Get it? I think she has a crush on my dad or either that trying to fox his money out of him. But to the silly female harasser, I have to suggest that you please go look into a mirror first. Maybe it is your personality and lack of manners, but you are downright ugly really. Get plastic surgery maybe? And then try to stalk men. I wish I could say the f-word, but I can't and I won't bring my own level down, so well, frog you? Yes you are a toad.

Now for the happier news!

I recently received an email in my new gmail account from an AUTHOR, Veronika Carnaby,  asking me to review her work Bohemian. I was so honoured by the request that I almost choked on my Mountain Dew, and I agreed immediately!

In case you don't know, Veronika Carnaby's works have been featured in such publications and functions as The Ed Sullivan Show, Empty Mirror Magazine, SXSW, SESAC Magazine, and the SESAC New York Music Awards. She has also collaborated with the likes of Ben E. King and Roger Murrah for former projects and shared ideas of literary merit with the circles of Sir Paul McCartney, Roger McGuinn, and Roger Waters, among others. That makes her a pretty cool writer, ain't it?

Also, this made me happy because it means that my point about people appreciating what I was writing was right- I assumed that she probably approached me because I did a review on Robocalypse and Fifty Shades of Grey (most unfortunately so) so it makes me happy that I am attracting the right crowd and the right attention. I like it best when my hard word in reviewing things are appreciated. (oh my distaste for using own pictures is why I don't like to put faces of myself when reviewing stuff like facial masks, but sometimes it can't be helped because my sponsors request for it).

Anyway, I am going to start doing all my drama and mvs reviews on my new blog, wahahhas. :D

Oh yes, another good news, I received sponsorship from Skin&Lab Sg and also by Nezon Marketing. Which is pretty cool I would say. I would of course do good reviews for them! In the mean time, check out their facebook pages! <3

Kays, shall go watch Harry Potter (I have this tendency to type Harry Potter and Happy Potter which is so .___.)

Love you all!


  1. I agree with what you say. I read blogs because they really interest me. The pictures are not what I look for and those with doodles are my favorite!

  2. I read it for the content, not on how pretty the blogger is/are. Kinda pointless if there are more photos of a blogger posing happily with a supposedly-reviewing product, with the same set of images, when the images shown should be of the product that is being reviewed. Which brings to the question of: Is the product being reviewed or the blogger being reviewed alongside with the product.

    I kinda have my own personal black list of blogs (I shall not name them. Mufufu!) I will never read for their actual reviews, more for "where can I get that sample as well" or what's the latest item(s), sample(s) that bloggers are getting crazy about. And this is why I seldom post images of myself on my blog, unless I really need to in order to show how the product is like, for example. As a blogger, you sell what you blog. In the case of a beauty blogger, you sell the product you are blogging about.

    Also glad one of my friend(s) on my FB friend list feedback to Hada Labo FB page on how difficult it is for him to trust the goodness of their product if they keep featuring bloggers with makeup, when they shouldn't be using makeup at all. Really hard to see and tell if Hada Labo products are really that good and effective when all the before and after photos doesn't look any different.

    It's alright for you to be irritated, I do feel that sometimes too :)


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